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Regulated: Regulated by the FCA
Min Deposit: $300
Min Trade Amount: 0.01 Micro Lots
US Clients:
Bonus: No Bonus Available
Leverage: 500:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4, MT4 Mobile, MT4 MAM, 3TG Station
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About 3TG Brokers

3TG Brokers is a forex brokerage brand belonging to 3TG FX Financial Ltd Partnership (LP). The company operates both a non-dealing desk and a market maker model of forex brokerage services to its clients. Located in New Zealand, 3TG Brokers is subject to regulation from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) with Financial Services Providers registration number FSP244885.


 Special Offers and Bonuses

The bonuses awarded on the platform 3TG Brokers are periodic. Presently there are no bonuses up for grabs. However, traders will always be informed by the 3TG team when new offers come up.


Types of Trading Accounts

The live accounts on 3TG Brokers are as follows:

a)    3TG Micro: This is for traders who are new to the market but who want to experience conditions of the live trading environment with as little risk as possible. This account can be held in Euros or USD, and has a minimum deposit requirement of $300 and a maximum deposit of $1000. Minimum trade size is 0.01 micro lots and maximum leverage is 500:1.

b)    3TG Composite: This account can be operated in USD, Euros, GBP, CHF and JPY. Minimum account deposit is set at $300. There is no ceiling on account deposits. Trade size starts at 0.01 lots and maximum leverage is 100:1.

c)     3TG Fix: This account can be operated in USD, Euros, GBP, CHF and JPY. Minimum account deposit is set at $500. There is no ceiling on account deposits. Trade size starts at 0.01 lots and maximum leverage is 300:1. The use of EAs is highly encouraged on this account type.

d)    ECN Classic: The ECN Classic account starts trading at 0.01 lots and has a minimum deposit requirement of $1,000. There is no ceiling on deposits. Spreads are variable, with leverage maxed out at 100:1. Being an ECN account, commissions are paid on buy and sell orders.

e)    ECN Elite: This is the account for high rollers, with account deposits starting at $20,000. Other account conditions are the same as for ECN Classic. Commissions are charged on these accounts.

f)     360 Degrees Account and 360 Degrees Fix Account: These two accounts are traded on the 3TG Station platform and require a minimum deposit of $100,000. Trade conditions are the same for these platforms, with minimum trade size set at 0.01 lots. These accounts attract a commission on trades.

The use of hedging and scalping strategies, as well as EAs is allowed for all account types.


Trading Platform Features

Several trading platforms are available on 3TG Brokers. These are the various forms of the MT4 platform.

a)    MetaTrader 4: Several forex pairs can be traded on the downloadable version of the MT4 platform from 3TG Brokers.

b)    MT4 Mobile Platforms: These are the mobile versions of the MT4 platform that have been designed for the iPhone/iPad and Android devices. The software is downloadable from the respective app stores.

c)     3TG Station: This is 3TG Broker’s version of the TradeStation platform.

d)    MT4 MAM: The Multi-Account Manager is a platform used by account managers to trade multiple accounts with the MT4-style platform. Trades are initiated from the Master Platform to the various “slave” accounts.


Commissions and Spreads

Information on the spreads and commissions that traders can get on 3TG Brokers is unavailable.


Charting Packages

Charting tools and charts are provided on the MT4 and 3TG Station platforms.


Education and Demo Accounts

Educational materials on 3TG Brokers abound for the benefit of educating the new trader. There are also stuff for intermediate traders as well.

a)    There are a number of seminars and webinars which are held periodically. They cover a range of topics such as how to use some of the charting tools listed above.

b)    There are a number of forex education videos. These cover the very elements of technical analysis as well forex basics such as how to place orders, how to use the different trading platforms, etc.

c)     There is a forex glossary as well as a forex webinars archive so you miss none of the previous webinars held.


Customer Service

The customer service desk on 3TG Brokers can be reached via any of contact options shown:

a)        Phone: +6448319010

b)        Email: [email protected]

– Online email form

– PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 38 Birmingham Drive, Riccarton Christchurch, 8024 New Zealand


Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawal options on 3TG Brokers are:

a)    Bank Wire: This can be done in USD, GBP, Euros and Swiss Francs to DNB Bank and Sparkasse Bank Malta, where 3TG Brokers maintains its accounts.

b)    Credit Card/ Debit Card: This is the fastest method and requires verification of the user’s identity. Accepted cards are those of VISA and MasterCard.

c)     E-wallets: Accepted e-wallets are those of PaySafeCard, Skrill, Neteller, OKPay, EGOPAY and WebMoney.


Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit amount on the 3TG Brokers platform is as from 300 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF.

Apart from the 3TG Micro Account where deposits are limited to a maximum of $1,000, there are no maximum deposit limits on the other account types on 3TG Brokers.


Withdrawal Limits

There are no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits. Withdrawals to credit cards however cannot exceed the deposit amount made from the card. Deposits made with bank wires, credit cards and other e-payment methods can also be withdrawn with Skrill and Neteller.



3TG Brokers has had a well rounded forex offering which provides all that the trader will need to succeed in the forex trading business.