60 Second Binary Options

Introduction to the 60s Binary Option

The 60s binary optino type was an exclusive of the SpotOption white label platform until 2012 when Tech Financials Ltd adopted this trade type and set it in its white-label platform.

In addition, some of the proprietary platform brokers have flexible expiry times and the trader can therefore set a 60second expiry to the Call/Put trade to convert the bet into a modified 60-second option.

60s binary options

Nowadays anyone who wants to trade the 60 second option can do so with pretty much any of the brokers that use the two white-label platforms. It’s also one of the most profitable trade types for brokers as the instant gamification of 60s bet types attracts the most gamblers.

What is the 60-seconds option?

a)    It is basically a Call/Put or High/Low option.

b)    The expiry time of the trade is 60 seconds.

That’s it. But frankly, this is a difficult trade to win with and unless the trader has a super plan in place to win with this trade and overcome some of the noted broker manipulations that come up with this trade, the 60 seconds bet could become an Achilles heel.

Trade Outcome

Due to the extremely short expiry time for the trade, it is possible for the 60 second option to actually end the trade at the same price at which it started. When this happens, the trade is said to have ended at the money and the trader’s invested amount is returned.

More commonly, the trade can either end in the money or out of the money. All it takes is one pip, and this makes all the difference.

Issues with the 60 Second Option

Now this is not some gimmick to pull the wool over traders’ eyes or to paint any broker black. There have been complaints of asset price manipulations by brokers who deliberately push the price of the asset against the trader’s position in order to get traders to lose on the trade. Considering this is a trade type where 1 pip can make all the difference, I decided to test some things

The trade in itself is extremely speculative and there is really no valid method of analysis that can detect enough pattern of repetitiveness in a one-minute period to be able to pull off successful trades repeatedly.

Going Forward

To be successful at the 60 second option goes beyond correctly predicting the trade direction. It will take good money management. Traders who suffer up to 3 repetitive losses will be sorely tempted to employ a martingale technique to recoup losses. This is a bad gamble which could easily bring a lot of hurt to a trader’s account.

All told, common sense and some element of good luck will help traders to trade the 60 second option with a measure of success.


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