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Regulated: Regulated by MiFID
Min Deposit: $300
Min Trade Amount: 0.01 Lots
US Clients:
Bonus: 10% up to $3,000 Bonus
Leverage: 500:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4, MT4 Mobile, ZuluTrader AutoTrader
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AAAFX is a Market Maker brokerage that was founded in 2008 with its headquarters in Athens, Greece. As a member of the European Union, Greece is subject to the MiFID regulatory protocol and the company is therefore registered as an FCM company with MiFID registration no. 2/540/17.2.2010. (License no. 125/10).


Special Offers and Bonuses

AAAFX has a number of bonuses, contest and promotions that traders can benefit from.

a)    Welcome Bonuses: New traders are given a 10% account deposit bonus on the very first deposit made by new traders. The maximum bonus that can be granted is $3,000.

b)    There are also other promotions which are mostly based on the various affiliates working with AAAFx. These usually come in the form of trading spread rebates.


Types of Trading Accounts

There are basically two types of live accounts on AAAFX. These are:

a)    The MT4 Live account

b)    The Zulutrade Account: This is the account type to open if the trader intends to use the AAAFx-Zulutrade autotrading platform. This has since metamorphosed into a social trading account.


Trading Platform Features

The platform solutions offered by AAAFX are as follows:

a)    MetaTrader4: This is the flagship platform on AAAFx and comes with a minimum account size of $300 (recommended account size of $5000), and a minimum lot size of 0.01 lots. Available leverage is 500:1 and accounts can be held in several currencies (USD, EUR, JPY, GBP, AUD, CHF, RUB).

b)    Autotrading platform from Zulutrade. The AAAFx interface is configured to link up with that of Zulutrade so that traders who have accounts can perform autotrading on their accounts.

c)     Mobile Platforms: The iPhone and Android versions of the AAAFx MT4 platform can be downloaded from the respective app stores.


Commissions and Spreads

The spreads for currency pairs available for trading on AAAFX are given in this table below:

Currency Pair Spread Institutional
UR/USD 1.9 pips 0.9 pips
USD/JPY 1.9 pips 0.9 pips
GBP/USD 1.9 pips 0.9 pips
USD/CHF 1.9 pips 0.9 pips
EUR/CHF 2.6 pips 1.6 pips
AUD/USD 2.2 pips 1.2 pips
USD/CAD 2.7 pips 1.7 pips
NZD/USD 2.7 pips 1.7 pips
EUR/GBP 2.3 pips 1.3 pips
EUR/JPY 2.1 pips 1.1 pips
GBP/JPY 2.7 pips 1.7 pips
CHF/JPY 3 pips 2 pips
GBP/CHF 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
EUR/AUD 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
EUR/CAD 4.6 pips 3.6 pips
AUD/CAD 3.1 pips 2.1 pips
AUD/JPY 2.4 pips 1.4 pips
CAD/JPY 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
NZD/JPY 3 pips 2 pips
GBP/CAD 3.7 pips 2.7 pips
AUD/NZD 4 pips 3 pips
EUR/NZD 3.9 pips 2.9 pips
AUD/CHF 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
GBP/AUD 3.8 pips 2.8 pips
CAD/CHF 4.2 pips 3.2 pips
EUR/SEK 11.2 pips 10.2 pips
USD/SEK 15.2 pips 14.2 pips
GBP/NZD 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
EUR/NOK 14.2 pips 13.2 pips
USD/NOK 14.2 pips 13.2 pips
USD/MXN 32.2 pips 31.2 pips
EUR/PLN 15.2 pips 14.2 pips
USD/PLN 16.2 pips 15.2 pips
EUR/CZK 12.7 pips 11.7 pips
USD/CZK 10.7 pips 9.7 pips
USD/ZAR 20 pips 19 pips
USD/SGD 7.2 pips 6.2 pips
USD/HKD 5.7 pips 4.7 pips
USD/DKK 6.4 pips 5.4 pips
EUR/DKK 6.4 pips 5.4 pips
GBP/SEK 26.5 pips 25.5 pips
NOK/JPY 6 pips 5 pips
SEK/JPY 5.2 pips 4.2 pips
SGD/JPY 6.9 pips 5.9 pips
HKD/JPY 3.9 pips 2.9 pips
ZAR/JPY 4.8 pips 3.8 pips
USD/TRY 7.2 pips 6.2 pips
EUR/TRY 10.2 pips 9.2 pips
NZD/CHF 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
NZD/CAD 3.2 pips 2.2 pips
CHF/SEK 22.2 pips 21.2 pips
CHF/NOK 22.2 pips 21.2 pips
USD/RUB 6.6 pips 5.6 pips
EUR/HUF 18 pips 17 pips
USD/HUF 15 pips 14 pips
TRY/JPY 8.7 pips 7.7 pips
ESP35 11 pips 10.5 pips
GER30 2 pips 1.5 pips
US30 7 pips 6.5 pips
ITA40 16 pips 15.5 pips
JPN225 16 pips 15.5 pips
NAS100 3 pips 2.5 pips
SWE30 21 pips 20.5 pips
SPX500 6 pips 5.5 pips
AUS200 5 pips 4.5 pips
FRA40 2 pips 1.5 pips
UK100 2 pips 1.5 pips
SUI30 2 pips 1.5 pips
XAU/USD 51 pips 50.5 pips
XAG/USD 6 pips 5.5 pips
USOil 6 pips 5.5 pips
UKOil 6 pips 5.5 pips
USD/ILS 31.2 pips 30.2 pips
USD/CNH 23.5 pips 22.5 pips
EUSTX50 3.2 pips 2 pips
XPD/USD 48 pips 36 pips
XPT/USD 52 pips 40 pips
Copper 3.2 pips 2 pips
NGAS 6.2 pips 5 pips
BUND 4.2 pips 3 pips


Charting Packages

The various forex platforms in use on AAAFX come with their own charting applications.


Education and Demo Accounts

AAAFX has scanty information on its website concerning forex education, which is where the company needs to show some improvement.

Traders can also access a $100,000 virtual account on MT4.


Customer Service

AAAFX Customer Support can be contacted through the following means:

–       Email: [email protected]

–       On-line support: This is done through the AAAFx multilingual Live Chat available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

–       Phone Support: Central Support Hotline (+30) 213-0176-380


Deposit and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on AAAFX are done using:

a)    Credit/debit cards, with the MasterCard and VISA brands being the preferred card types.

b)    Bank wire

c)     E-payment methods such as (Skrill, Neteller, Qiwi, iDeal, SoFort and WebMoney).


Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit amount allowed on AAAFX depends on the transaction method. The minimum is set at $300 for credit cards and e-payment methods, and $2,000 for bank wires. There is a maximum deposit limit of $2,000 per transaction and $4,000 per calendar month for credit card transactions. Transactions in other currencies will be converted to the USD deposit limits based on the deposit limits.


Withdrawal Limits

There are no minimum or maximum withdrawal limits on AAAFX, even though for card withdrawals, verification is required. Also, if there have been deposits with different methods of transaction, withdrawals are limited to the maximum amount deposited with that method.



AAAFx has gained prominence with its Zulutrade social trading product. This is evidenced by many rave reviews about the social trading service from several traders on online review sites. Traders can then leverage on this product to make the best of the social trading partnership that AAAFx has with Zulutrade.