Advantages of Sports Spread Betting

A few years ago, some clever people realised that you could take the same concepts of financial spread betting and apply it to sports.

Sports spread betting allows punters to back their own instincts and put money where their mouth is, allowing you to make massive amounts of money from correct match predictions whether in football, greyhound racing, rugby or cricket.

Sports spread betting is most popular in the UK, where the largest sports spread betting firm Sporting Index has a 70% share of the market with more than 45,000 customers.

Advantages of Sports Spread Betting

Although sports spread betting if notoriously riskier than fixed odds betting because of the fact that your losses are unlimited, a number of key advantages make it increasingly popular in the UK.

  1. Although the risks of spread betting are higher, so are the rewards when you correctly predict a score.  The profits that you can make from sports spread betting can be unlimited, and if your team keeps scoring goals than you can make massive amounts of money from a small wager.
  1. Markets are more equally balanced.  The odds are also more favourable since the bookie doesn’t make their money charging higher odds.  Instead, spread betting brokers make their money from the “spread”.
  1. In-Running betting mans that you can quit while you’re ahead and cash in on your spread bet at any time.  This gives you more flexible with your betting patterns since you are never “locked” in to the match for the full game.  If you’re football team is winning 1-0 in the 85th minute and it looks likely they’ll concede than you can cash in on your profit beforehand.
  1. Sports spread betting gives you greater leverage than regular fixed-odd betting.  The leverage means that you only have to wager a very small amount (e.g. £1 per point) in order to see massive returns on your investment.  Although this makes the risks of betting higher, it also means that your nickel can go further than conventional betting.
  1. Sports spread betting is a lot more exciting than conventional high street betting since your profits and losses can be unlimited.
  1. You can minimise the risks of sports spread betting with stop-losses.  Guaranteed stop-losses mean that your bet will automatically close if you start losing a certain amount of money.  The stop-loss varies for different types of sports, for example if will be a lot higher in cricket games than in football.
  1. Sports spread betting firms are regulated and monitored by the FSA (Financial Services Authority) which means that your funds will be more secure online.

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