AlgoDayTrader Dtrader Signals Review

About AlgoDayTrader Dtrader


You will be able to deploy this signal service if you register with a broker supporting the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Once you have installed this product, it will essentially function as a trade copier by connecting your MT4 platform to that of the manufacturer of the AlgoDayTrader Dtrader.

Consequently, whenever this company executes a trade then this information will be immediately transmitted and copied to your account by opening a new position using your preselected lot size.

Once you have become a subscriber, you will be able to utilize this service using either demo or live accounts. In addition, you can control a number of important parameters, such as defining your preferred risk exposure per trade. However, you must ensure that you have installed the software properly onto your MT4 platform in order to successfully receive the manufacturer’s signals.

Subscribers can operate this service to help detect quality trading opportunities automatically involving no intervention on their part whatsoever. You will be entitled to the following benefits after you have purchased the AlgoDayTrader Dtrader:

1. A series of very informative webinars introducing and explaining the main features of the USA and European trading sessions.

2. Daily webinars displaying key charts that are introduced by the firm’s own staff members. They will identify important price movements, such as trend by using technical analysis as well as detecting quality entry opportunities, etc.


You will also enjoy full access to all the impressive facilities presented on this firm’s websites, including:

1. Recommended strategies and educational videos

2. Signal alerts via SMS and twitter

3. Daily trading update videos

4. Forums discussing trend reports and other major Forex topics

5. Subscriber’s own chat room in which you can ask Forex experts for advice on all your main concerns and queries in real-time; display your own trading charts and positions and interact with other members.

6. All important Forex topics are covered and explained including the DOW, FTSE, S&P500, gold, oil USD/CHF, EUR/USD, AUD/USD, EUR/JPY plus many more assets.


The producers of this service explicitly stress that they are not in the business of supplying bogus devices or make unsubstantiated and wild claims, such as capturing 1,000’s of pips per month. In contrast, they are keen to promote themselves as a group of real Forex traders that are devoted to providing a service that truly functions by generating consistent and worthwhile profits from speculating on the currency markets. As such, you are encouraged to visit their trading room so that you can determine whether its contents and facilities are ideally suited to you.


Algo Insider

As an alternative to this company’s trading room, you may prefer to receive its newsletter, titled the Algo Insider. This document presents the latest professional analysis by identifying all major price trends presently influencing the primary global markets. You will gain vital insights into the directional movements of all the major currency pairs as well as a daily review of the world’s foremost markets. Although no signals are provided, you will find many ideas for new entry opportunities contained within the analysis provided.


Trade Alerts

This facility enables you to look over the shoulders of this company’s professional traders so that you can mirror all the positions that they execute in real time. This firm supports two powerful methods capable of fulfilling this objective; which are website posting and a mobile service using twitter, SMS and email. You do not require any previous Forex experience or skill to benefit from this service.


Performance Tests

As the company works hard to project a professional image, efforts were expended in order to determine the validity of its signal services. In particular, a sequence of tests was conducted and the results are disclosed in the ensuing table.



Key Parameters

The next stage in evaluating the performance of this signal service was to devise a method capable of forecasting whether it was truly capable of creating streams of valuable profits on a consistent basis. This goal was achieved by deriving the following key parameters using the average values illustrated in the above diagram.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 35%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 1.90

3.       Expectancy Value = $1.20

These resultant values conclude that the AlgoDayTrader Dtrader could return you a profit of $1.20 for each single $1 invested in Forex trading.


User Comments

An internet search did not discover any meaningful user remarks capable of shedding more light on the true performance of this signal service.



The AlgoDayTrader supports a trial subscription fee of just $9.99 for the first 14 days. Afterwards, the monthly fee is $149.99



Compared to other similar Forex signal services, the performance parameters of the AlgoDayTrader are not that impressive. Specifically, the insipid expectancy value of just $1.20 is certainly worrisome as it does not provide much leeway should adverse trading conditions arise. For instance, captured profits could easily be negated if a sequence of consecutive losses were endured.

However, if you still wish to investigate this service in more depth, then we recommend that you activate our simple action procedure. By doing so, you will be able to check out the performance of other Forex signal services in the process..

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