Alpari Introduces Spreads Betting to Its Website

A leading foreign exchange broker, Alpari UK, recently launched spread betting on the Meta Trader 4 platform. Spread betting allows people to bet on whether an asset’s price is going to rise or fall with benefits like income tax exemptions, stamp duty and capital gains tax. In the UK, spread betting is a highly profitable business as it allows people to make tax free gains.

Alpari Says Spread Betting is an Attractive Opportunity for Speculating on Global Markets

Chief Commercial officer of Alpari, Daniel Skowronski said that spread betting is one of the best ways to speculate on global markets. Due to the tax benefits of spread betting in the UK, it is already widely used in the country for trading, and this new product will make it even more popular. Alpari makes it possible to trade with as low as £0.10 per point. The company offers competitive platforms and products.

Alpari Offers Spread Betting on MT4

MT4 is a popular spread betting platform. Alpari customers can now access MT4 with ease. Traders can optimise, back-test and trade their expert strategies on MT4.

Traders Have to Create Alpari Spread Betting Accounts to Gain Access to its Services

A spread betting account has to be created with Alpari by traders to start spread betting. By opening an account with Alpari, traders can also access the Alpari (UK) research tools. These will help them make well-informed decisions.

Headquartered in the city of London, Alpari (UK) is a reputed broker for precious metals and foreign exchange contracts. There are subsidiaries of Alpari in Japan, Germany and India. There is also a Representative Office of the company in China. Financial Services Authority (FSA) in the UK regulates Alpari UK. It has been authorized to offer spreads betting services to customers by FSA.

The company started its operations in 1998 and is one of the fastest growing Forex trading services in the world. Alpari has its operations spread across 20 countries in close to 50 offices. Some of the countries in which Alpari offers services include New York, London, Tokyo, Dubai, Shanghai, Mumbai, Moscow and Frankfurt. Currently the company handles around 170,000 trading accounts.


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