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Regulated: FSA, CFTC, NFA
Min Deposit: $200
Min Trade Amount: 0.01 lot (Micro Account)
US Clients:
Bonus: 100% up to $5,000!
Leverage: 500:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4
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About Alpari

Alpari is a forex broker located in the United States and the United Kingdom. The two entities are products of the unbundling of the parent company so as to fully comply with the regulatory requirements of the Financial Conduct Authority (formerly FSA) in the UK, and the CFTC in the US.

Alpari maintains a very strict client identification policy. While the US branch offers trading services to nationals of selected countries, Alpari UK offers trading services to a wider geographical spread, but requires elaborate documentation for client identification.

Alpari UK

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Trading Platforms

The trading platforms offered by Alpari are:

a) MetaTrader: Alpari offers both the MT4 and MT5 trading platforms. Alpari claims a non-dealing desk environment with the MT5 platform, coupled with the ability to trade forex and precious metals up to a leverage of 1:500.

b) MetaTrader for Smartphones: Traders can download the Alpari iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad, as well as the Android MT4 and MT5 apps for the Android-powered tablet and smartphone devices.

c) MT4 Multi-terminal – This is the ideal platform for those who wish to trade on several MT4 accounts simultaneously. If you are a multi-account manager or a provider of managed accounts services, then this is the platform to use.

d) Alpari Direct Pro: This platform is the web-based professional trading platform powered by Currenex which provides for trading on precious metals and 57 currency pairs. The platform is fully customizable and with Direct Pro, there is no need to download anything.

e) Alpari Direct: This is the downloadable version of the Direct Pro platform. Also powered by Currenex, the only difference between Alpari Direct Pro and Alpari Direct is that the former is web-based and the latter is downloadable. All other features are the same.

Account Types

Traders on Alpari can operate the following types of accounts:

a) A demo account (read what is a demo account here). Traders can decide if they want an all-currency demo account of a spot metals demo account.

b) A Micro account: This is the ideal account for forex beginners. This account allows carries a $200 minimum deposit as well as a minimum trade size of 1 micro-lot ($1000 contracts).

c) The Classic account is the $500 minimum deposit account which is traded on MetaTrader4.

d) The MT5 account is a special account which provides non-dealing desk trading conditions on a MetaTrader platform. Minimum deposit is $200.

e) The Pro Accounts are for professional traders, with trades being conducted on Alpari Direct and Direct Pro platforms. Entry level deposit is $20,000.

Special Features

One of the special features on Alpari is the floating leverage. The floating leverage allows the trader to change the leverage on which the account is operated. Floating leverage is a feature of Alpari UK.

Another special feature is the provision of a forex VPS which allows traders to host their expert advisors and run them on their accounts without interruption from network failures or system shutdowns.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Deposits and withdrawals on Alpari will depend on which of the two Alpari companies (Alpari US and Alpari UK) are used for trading. Generally speaking, deposits and withdrawals are made with the following means:

a) Wire Transfer: Bank wires are universally accepted and can be used by all traders on the Alpari platform.

b) Credit Card: VISA and MasterCard are the two credit card brands that can be used on Alpari to provide instant deposits and quick withdrawal transactions.

c) Cheque: This is mostly used by those who operate trading accounts with Alpari US. This will require the ownership of a U.S. checking account.

d) Neteller: Neteller is the only e-payment method by which traders can deposit or withdraw funds from their Alpari trading accounts.

The minimum deposit required to commence forex trading on Alpari depends on the account type operated. Information about this is available in the section titled “Account Types”. There are no limit impositions on maximum deposit amount, as well as minimum or maximum withdrawal amounts.

There is no ceiling on the number of withdrawals that traders can make in a month, and there are no charges on withdrawals. While Alpari UK allows traders to operate a floating leverage, Alpari US does not allow leverages beyond 1:50 in compliance with CFTC regulations.

Customer Support

Here are the channels by which Alpari can be reached:

Alpari US

a) Email Support: [email protected]

b) Phone: +1 646.825.5760

c) Live chat

Alpari UK

a)    Email: [email protected]

b)    Phone: +44 20 7426 2900

c)     Live chat