ASCENT Expert Advisor Review

About the ASCENT Expert Advisor


The promoters of this automated solution claimed that it has been designed by a combined team of professional software engineers and traders and that it possesses a functionality that is based on a breakout strategy.

Another important feature of this product is its ease of installation which will enable you to commence trading within minutes of purchase.

Specifically, ASCENT tracks and monitors the currency markets for momentum breakouts 24 hours a day during the full trading week. The methods that this robot adopts to precisely detect quality entry opportunities are well-guarded as its manufacturers claim that they are based on revolutionary and innovative concepts. By deploying undisclosed features of volatility, ASCENT is able to exploit a remarkable secret which enables it to measure market forces with great precision.

For example, ASCENT only executes new positions once it detects breakouts possessing the optimum opportunities for maximum returns at minimal risk. In addition, this expert advisor has been explicitly designed to achieve consistent success in small steps of incremental profit by reducing risks to very low levels. Basically, the fundamental premise of ASCENT is structured on the famous trading maxim, which states ‘let your profits run and cut your losses early’.


Main Features of Ascent

This tool has been constructed on a dynamic design enabling it to evaluate the true average range of the present prevailing trading conditions with the intent to identify high-quality entry opportunities for new positions. This feature specifically implies that ASCENT does not utilize a static performance to track ever-evolving market conditions but, instead, implements a program that is capable of adapting precisely to constantly changing price behavioral patterns and formations. The promoters stress that over a decade of historical data now exists demonstrating just how efficient the ASCENT is at accomplishing this important task.

In particular, this expert advisor utilizes stop-losses and profit-targets that can adjust rapidly and accurately to all new market catalysts and events. Consequently, you will never need to be worried about power or internet interruptions and computer malfunctions. You will also be able to trade with confidence knowing that ASCENT will always remain constantly in control of your active positions. For example, should your trading platform ever suffer a restart or lose of connection then ASCENT is capable of assessing such situations so well that it can automatically restart by recreating the exact conditions that existed prior to failure.


Risk and Money Management Strategies

You can operate this product equally well by enrolling with any broker of your choice. In particular, ASCENT is USA 100% friendly as it is compliant with the very important FIFO (First In, First Out) stipulation. In addition, the design does not allow hedging or depends on the usage of high leverage in order in order to generate a stream of consistent profits. When you buy this expert advisor, you will be immediately entitled to the following exciting benefits:

–      Access to all Expert Advisor Installation Packages

–      Lifetime license

–      Personal Account Manager

–      Trade a Maximum of Six Accounts Concurrently

–      Free Software Updates

–      Access to Members Forum

–      ASCENT User Guide


Expected Performance

ASCENT will identify up to two quality breakouts per standard week which will specifically comply with its entry criteria. Whenever such events happen, multiple new positions will be activated in the same direction. For example, five or six LONG trades can be implemented if a bullish breakout is detected.

ASCENT restricts the risks to your equity by deploying a money management strategy based on percentage lot sizing. Although this robot exhibits a win-to-loss ratio less than 50%, the size of its wins are normally double that of its losses. Consequently, the promoters of this product claim that it possesses a high potential for generating significant profits consistently.

The inventors of the ASCENT also advise that its design is definitely not based on any Martingale or Grid concepts whatsoever as these controversial strategies entail risk levels that exceed its targeted levels. In addition, this expert advisor does not attempt to scalp the currency markets using very low time frames. ASCENT is also broker independent.

In contrast, the robot specializes in tracking high quality breakouts which are capable of generating wins that are at least twice the size of losses. This important feature implies that although the win-to-loss ratio is not very attractive, this expert advisor is still capable of generating attractive profits because of its impressive reward-to-risk ratio.


Performance Tests

AS you can confirm by studying the above, the promotional hype supporting this tool is certainly very appealing. However, how does the ASCENT stack up in reality? Does its performance truly match its manufacturer’s claims by generating wins that are twice the size of losses?

To answer these pertinent queries, comprehensive test results are presented in the following table. In particular, the average values of the key parameters are listed in the rightmost column.


Key Parameters

A well-founded procedure is now required to enable you to assess the real performance of the ASCENT expert advisor and to compare it with those of other rival products. You can readily achieve this objective by determining the reward-to-risk ratio, expectancy value and win-to-loss ratio of this tool. This task was performed by utilizing the average values presented in the table above.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 36%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 2

3.       Expectancy Value = $0.24

These parameters indicate that the ASCENT Expert Advisor will create a profit of $0.24 for each US Dollar wagered over the long term.


User Comments

An internet search did not disclose any positive or negative remarks pertaining to this device.



The membership cost for ASCENT is $279.



As you can verify, the promoters claim that the ASCENT produces wins that are twice as large as its losses is, indeed, validated by a reward-to-risk ratio of 2. However, although the win-to-loss ratio was also complies with their predictions, its value is so weak that it pulls the expectancy value down so that it is just $0.24.

Consequently, the above results suggest that you will be able to collect a profit stream trading the ASCENT. The major problem is that the tolerance of just $0.24 is not very comforting. As such, your best route forward could be to study the performance of other similar tools by implementing our recommended course of action.

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