BataviaFX Management Review


This company supports a managed Forex account service which boosts the following key features:

–      Low minimum initial investment of just $500

–      Your funds are well-protected as they will be held within a segregated account which will be completely separated from those of BataviaFX.

–      Only you will possess the right to withdraw and deposit funds into your trading account

–      Enjoy full transparency as you will have continuous access to your account.

–      Fees are charged on a performance basis only. Consequently, you will only incur charges when you make profits and not losses.

–      Receive monthly reports detailing the performance of your account

–      You can make withdrawals totally at your own discretion.

–      You will never incur any fees for joining or leaving a BataviaFX service.


About BataviaFX Management

The founder of this company is Hendri S, who has traded the currency markets for a considerable length of time. During this period, he has amassed a substantial understanding of the mechanic and pricing attributes of Forex. With a solid understanding of risk management and designing profitable strategies, BataviaFX was created with the primary intent of helping clients optimize the returns on their equity at minimum risk

This company now offers managed accounts utilizing innovative Forex strategies and tools that enable investors to confidently diverse their portfolios. The firm claims it can generate consistent returns irrespective of prevailing market conditions. A monthly profit of about 10% is forecasted backed by a maximum drawdown below 30%.


How this Service Functions

BataviaFX bases its managed account services on the MAM/PAMM trading platform which boasts sophisticated investing and managing facilities. In addition, this powerful tool offers top-class execution rates and ideally matches the environment favored by the firm’s team of Forex consultants. Clients also enjoy total transparency of their account by being able to constantly track active positions and their current and historic profit/loss performances.

In particular, you need to appreciate that BataviaFX can only trade your account and does not possess the right to make any withdrawals or deposits. Only you can instigate such actions which are totally at your discretion. As such, you can withdraw your funds whenever you want as they will never be lockup.

As stated, this company supports the MAM/PAMM system which is a powerful investment tool allowing clients to have their equity monitored, tracked and traded automatically by an allocated fund manager possessing limited power of attorney. For example, this individual can trade the client’s account but cannot withdraw money from it, as already explained.

One of the exciting features of this Forex managed account service is that you can enroll by depositing a minimum investment of just $500. You can also terminate your account easily as well. You just need to send a simple request to the firm and all your active positions will be closed immediately.


Performance Tests

The promotional hype supporting this service introduces a number of innovative and attractive features. For example, you can activate an account by depositing just $500, which is a very competitive amount for this business sector.

Does the BataviaFX really possess the ability to deliver the goods by creating a stream of consistent profits? A sequence of tests was implemented to assess the trading performance of this service and the ensuing results are shown in the next table.



Key Parameters

The average values contained within the rightmost column of the above table were now used to derive the following key parameters of the BataviaFX. The primary reason for performing this exercise was to generate a means by which the performance of this service could be assessed and compared to other Forex software products.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 70%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.25

3.       Expectancy Value = -$18.40

These values demonstrate that BataviaFX Management will generate a sizeable loss of $18.40 over the long term for each single $1 wagered.


User Comments

Unfortunately, an internet search did not readily discover any relevant user statements that could help in appraising the performance of this service



You are not required to pay any fees unless profits are made.  BataviaFX charges a 20%-30% monthly fee on profits secured in the preceding month by utilizing the following fee structure:

$500–$5,000 = 30% fee

$5,001-$10,000 = 25% fee

Larger than $10,000 = 20% fee



The parameters produced by this service do not invoke any sense of confidence in the performance of this product. In contrast, you stand to lose a considerable sum of your own money over any specified period of time.

As such, you would be well advised to investigate alternative options, especially those exhibiting superior expectancy values. If you implement our series of recommended actions then they will help you to readily accomplish this objective.

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