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BOSignalsBOSignals is a binary options signals service that is a relatively new entrant into the binary options signals market. The unique selling point of this provider is the relatively lower cost of its signals service and its 7-day trial.

Asset Types Traded

More than 70 assets are scanned and covered by the BOSignals trade alert service. These assets will include all asset classes in the binary options market: currencies, stocks (including recently listed stocks such as Facebook), commodities and stock indices.

Assets traded are those offered by Tech Financials and SpotOption platforms. The recommended brokers are ForexTB and Banc de Binary. Signals are given in either the CALL/PUT format (SpotOption) or the High/Low format (Tech Financials).

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Method of Signal Delivery

Trading signals are delivered to subscribers on the homepage of the website. Signals are posted them on the homepage and can only be accessed by a members’ login. Signals are not sent by any other means. Signals are posted within 10 minutes after the opening of the US session, which starts at 09:30 EST, or 14.30GMT when daylight savings time is off. When daylight savings time is on, this is at 13.30GMT. In other words, signals are put up on the members’ page at 0940hrs EST. Bonus signals are occasionally sent throughout the day, and these are sent via SMS (text messages) so that they enter the subscriber’s phone instantly. The trader has to specifically subscribe to bonus signals for them to be sent, and these are only sent via SMS.

An average of 12 signals are sent daily, although a variation exists according to the trading opportunities found in the market at any particular time.

What is the Cost?

There is a 7-day trial period which is charged at $7, after which a monthly subscription of $50 is charged, making BOSignals subscription rates the cheapest in the industry. Subscription charges for the monthly subscription plan are recurrent. However a trader moving from the 7-day trial to the monthly plan is not automatically charged.. Rather, the trader must manually subscribe to the $50 plan after using the $5 plan if so desired. All payments are made using PayPal.


On the BOSignals website, no profitability claims are clearly made, although BOSignals aims for a 70-80% profitability ratio on a weekly basis and the same percentage on a monthly basis. Rather, snapshots of trading results for each trading day are posted on the website. A typical snapshot is shown below. Traders who are interested in viewing the trade results on the website are free to do so to verify the results shown.


This snapshot shows the trading results on August 2, 2013. We can see a total of 9 trades, with 7 winning trades and two losing trades. We can also see clearly that the same investment amount was used on all trades in order to achieve good money management. There was no attempt to ramp up investments in order to maximally cash in on a winning streak. This prevents a single bad trade from nullifying results of several good ones. Such money management tactics are useful in order to achieve the profitability rates seen in this snapshot.

Special Features

The special features of the BOSignals service are as follows:

1)    Traders with smartphones can use the signals on the mobile platforms of Banc de Binary and ForexTB.

2)    Traders can access a discount code which subsidizes the cost of the service. This is usually available on the checkout page.

3)    Subscribers DO NOT get a money-back guarantee. This point must be clearly noted by those intending to use this service.

Customer Support

The BOSignals team can be reached using the contact form on the website. A Contact Us Tab is located on the left side of every page on the website, and this can be clicked to open the contact form as a pop-up on the website.


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