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94/ 100
Min Deposit: £500
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Number of Assets: 200
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Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time
Credit Card 8-10% 3-4 days
Debit card 1-5% 4-5 days
Fast Bank Transfer 1.5% 2-3 days

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Buy Virtual Currency is a cryptocurrency exchange aimed at newcomers. It provides a brokerage service for the purchase of crypto currencies and other digital assets, as well as access to the latest information, news and advice on the crypto market with the help of its experienced team of brokers.

As you may or may not know, the process involved with buying crypto currencies can be at best, long-winded and at worst, frustrating. Coinbase, Bittrex and Binance are a few of the most well-known exchanges that many crypto newbies make a beeline for. But that doesn’t mean they’re the best option. Buying cryptocurrencies from most exchanges, start to finish can take a matter of weeks in some cases – enough to demotivate the most eager of beavers.

In this review, we’ll put the magnifying glass on Buy Virtual Currency – does it stack up? How do you purchase from BVC? What are the advantages of using the service instead of a typical trading platform? We’ll answer those questions for you and throw in a few tips along the way. Stay seated.

How do I make an order with BVC?  


Let’s cut to the chase, the first thing everyone wants to know is, how do I buy from Buy Virtual Currency? Below are the steps involved:

  • Create your own digital wallet (BVC does not hold funds on a user’s behalf. You have control of them with your own digital wallet, keeping them more secure)
  • Register on the BVC website
  • A broker from BVC will contact you
  • Tell your broker how much you want to spend and which crypto currency you want
  • The broker buys on your behalf and puts the currency into your wallet
  • If you aren’t sure which coins you want to purchase then advice is offered

How do I create a wallet?


If you don’t have a crypto wallet then you cannot buy crypto currencies, simple. A crypto currency wallet is a piece of software or app on your phone that stores your digital assets, e.g. crypto currency or ICO tokens. It’s just like a regular wallet that holds your money, only it can also receive, send and track your digital currency. It has a balance checker so you know how much you have at all times, it also allows you to make notes on the transactions you make to help with your own personal record keeping.

To access the contents there are digital ‘private keys’ – hexadecimal codes which you need to keep safe, as you would your front door key. Do not lose or share the keys with anyone.

What types of wallet are available?

If you do not have a wallet before you start buying virtual currency then your BVC broker will be able to offer advice specific to your needs. Below is a taster of some of the most common types of wallet available:

  • Hot or cold wallets – ‘hot’ wallets are those that are online and connected to the internet, while ‘cold’ indicates a wallet that is offline. It is for this reason that cold wallets are considered more secure. If you have large amounts of coins or tokens then cold storage is recommended. If you want to access your fund for regular purchases then hot is the preferred choice. It is common to have both a hot and cold wallet to manage your funds efficiently.
  • Mobile wallets – a smartphone wallet with QR code compatibility, great for quick payments. MyCelium and Blockchain are options for both IOS and Android.
  • Hardware wallets – very small programmed devices. Trezor is a popular hardware wallet, ideal for both storage and sending/receiving online transactions.
  • Desk top wallets – if you plan on doing all your trading from your laptop or desk then Armory or Multibit are ideal wallets. These wallets can be downloaded and used like any other piece of computer software. They are easy to access and available for a number of different operating systems.

I’ve created a wallet – now what?

It is worth noting that before any transfers can be made you will have to go through the verification process which simply means emailing your proof of ID and address documents to your BVC account manager.

Once you have set up your wallet account, you will need the wallet address (code) to input into the order form on BVC, along with your email address. Fill in the form, opting for the currency you want, click ‘buy’ and wait a few seconds for the email with a link from BVC. Click on the link to make your wire transfer payment. Your BVC broker will then transfer the currency to your wallet.


How much does it cost to buy crypto currency on BVC?

Although BVC bypasses the need for an exchange, it is not a ‘like for like’ copy. Rather, it is a third party designed to hold your hand through the crypto currency buying process, obtaining the currency you want, without the pain involved.

Unlike other exchanges, it has access to every coin out there. The fundamental difference is that BVC is more of an exchange service rather than a self-service platform. A service that guides you away from the many different tripping hazards associated with first time crypto currency trading.

When you make an order with BVC you will receive an invoice, on this invoice will be the amount of fees to pay. The fee amount will vary. The main reason is that each different crypto currency requires a different level of purchasing. More well-known currencies such as Bitcoin will be less costly.

For each different currency, there will be a different fee, this is because buying some cryptos requires a longer process than others.

Also included are the exchange fees which you will be informed of before you make your order. The fee is based on the fact that you are paying for a service from BVC and the speedy process and expert advice it offers.

What problems are solved with Buy Virtual Currency?

There are a number of solutions BVC provides to the cryptocurrency beginner-world. Here’s a few to consider.

It gets personal. In a good way.


The BVC platform is very much focussed on the ‘personal and trusted approach’ with every bit of functionality and design reflecting this. Its raison d’etre seems to be forming a good relationship with new customers to help them steer clear of making initial errors and guide them through the murky waters of beginning in crypto currency.

It’s an approach not seen in many other exchanges where there is an invisible barrier between the platform and the user and an assumption of considerable knowledge of buying digital assets.

The open-door theme is continued with an invitation to customers to visit them at their London offices, clear contact phone numbers (yes, phone numbers on a website, along with the omission of the deadly ‘contact us’ form). Users are also encouraged to book an appointment with a broker directly, using the calendar provided.

As soon as you register you will have your own personal account manager assigned to you. He/she will buy the currency you wish and transfer it to you.

Many dream of having their own PA for doing some of the more laborious tasks in this world. But when you are starting out trading in crypto, an account manager is more a necessity than a luxury. Not only does it serve a practical function, but it also provides peace of mind and reassurance.

Your personal account manager will invest for you and work with you to create a portfolio. One of the strategies used is diversification, or spreading the risk across a number of different crypto currency options. To do this effectively, you need knowledge of the market which your account manager can provide.

Also 24/7 service.  A few definite box tickers right there.

You can buy with GBP currency


With most exchanges, you will need to convert your Fiat GBP into Bitcoin or Ether using an exchange, with this you can then purchase other altcoins. With BVC you can skip this stage and buy with your Fiat money straight away, already cutting out a chunk of the buying process.

Verifying identification is an important part of the initial process of buying digital currencies. However, on many exchanges, this can be protracted. BVC’s service speeds this up and purchase times are also faster, sometimes taking under one hour.

That said, you will still need to supply KYC (know your customer) documents, including photo ID passport or driving licence) and a proof of address document (a utility bill, bank statement or council tax bill).

Buy back option at spot price

It’s always good to have a little reassurance with any new venture you start and especially so when you are investing money. BVC gives you this peace of mind by providing a buy back option at spot price, meaning that when you choose to, you can sell your currency back to BVC and you will be given the current market price for it.

Double tick for functionality



User-friendly is not a word commonly associated with cryptocurrency exchanges but this is the part where BVC has it in the bag. For example, during the sign-up stage, once your email and phone number have been entered, you can choose which cryptocurrency you buy. A dropdown menu appears and as each one is high-lighted, the left-hand column indicates the price of that coin and the amount it has increased, to give you an indication of how well the currency is performing. The ease of use encourages you to flick through the options and freely compare each currency.

At this point, you will need to input your wallet details, so have your private keys ready. When you put in the amount of currency you wish to buy in GBP it will convert it into the amount of crypto currency you will receive in return.

Navigation? Easy as 1,2 3


The site has clearly put a lot of consideration behind navigation and user experience with lots of intuitive paths and simplification of data. The screenshot above is a classic example of how the site breaks down information for users.

Up-to-date info

Information is the one thing new investors are always hungry for. One of the great features of BVC is the wealth of information it offers, including news updates on new ICOs, buy outs, crypto mining and regulations.

But perhaps most importantly, there is valuable information on each coin with a brief synopsis on each along with a video explaining what each coin is all about. A great additional feature to the service for those who gain from learning visually.

BVC 10

Is there ‘Room for improvement’ with BVC?

  • The buy-back option is a great feature and assurance provider for beginners. However, it’s advisable to look at the activity within the market when you are selling back. Market volatility will play a big part in the price you are offered.
  • There appears to be only one method of payment available on the site – wire transfer.
  • The minimum investment amount is pretty high at GBP £5,000. Some new entrants may be unenthused by this.
  • Every transaction made on the site needs to be verified which takes the shine off an otherwise smooth buying process

So, what’s in it for me?

Or rather, what’s in it for YOU.

There’s literally hundreds of trading platforms out there, many with long standing reputations. So why choose BVC over them? If you are a newcomer to the world of crypto currencies then BVC provides a perfect stepping stone.

Would-be investors can be put off by complicated looking sites that seem to offer the world but on closer inspection, require a certain level of knowledge. BVC closes that gap and although there are a few minor niggles, the service sets out what it intends to achieve by tapping into the ever-growing pool of first-time traders who have an interest and money to invest, yet need a certain level of direction in the initial stages.