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Capital Spreads was launched 2003 and they are the spread betting division of the distinguished London Capital Group. Video Review of Capital Spreads:

Why Join Capital Spreads? – Visit Capital Spreads Now!

The biggest reason to join Capital Spreads is that they are the highest rated company among individual traders and online communities.

Capital Spreads offer tight spreads (much better than WorldSpreads  – especially in the currencies markets), low margin requirements (3%) and excellent customer servive.  Capital Spreads even won the “Best Financial Betting Operator of the Year” at the 2010 EGR Awards.

What many traders enjoy about Capital Spreads is that their online trading platform is a reliable and offers excellent customer support.  You don’t have to deal with 2 minute confirmation delays and re-quotes like you do at City Index and FinSpreads.

Capital Spreads also offers tight spreads for both UK and gloabl markets (with 0.1% spreads on the UK 100 shares) and their tiny margin requirements and Demo accounts make them a top choice for beginners.  You can even open/close orders, view your account summary, check the latest market prices and use technical charts through the Capital Spreads iPhone App.

£100 Bonus for New Customers!

New users receive a £100 deposit bonus at Capital Spreads.  In order to quality, you must make a minimum deposit of £250 and make 5 opening non-equity trades.


The £100 bonus will be credited to your account as soon as you complete these requirements.  Once you’ve done this, contact Capital Spreads support and your bonus will be credited to your account within 72 hours.

Capital Spreads Trading Platform

The Capital Spreads online trading platform is one of the best and most reliable for experienced traders. They now offer a new mobile/iPhone spread betting app which allows traders to check their accounts and execute trades on the go.

The online software makes is very user-friendly, includes a 1-click button from CFD trading to spread betting, and you can access tons of technical data charts or up to date fundamentals alerts.  In terms of trading, their system lets you enter stop-loss orders, limit transactions, OCOs and you can control your deposit margin to limit any losses in relation to the initial deposit on your account.

Low Margin Requirements

Capital Spreads offers competitive margins of just 3% on UK 100 equities and 5% on UK Mid 250 and US equities.  This is about the same as Tradefair, however City Index offers slightly lower margins of 1% on certain markets.  Overall however, you can open a £1 Rolling Daily UK 100 trade with a small £30 deposit.

One of the best features of Capital Spread’s new trading platform is that is has its own unique computer generated customer account management system (CAMS) which controls the margin on your account. This allows you to limit any trading losses on your account to the original amount that you deposited.

This is excellent for beginners because it massively reduces the risks of trading.  Their platform also offers a real time position valuation and margin availability services.

You can also check your margin requirements and account summary (P&L, previous trades, net equity etc) through the Capital Spreads iPhone App.

Demo Account

New spread traders can sign up to the Demo account which gives you £10,000 in virtual cash to trade on the simulated online platform.  The Capital Spreads Demo account is great for beginners because it allows you to open/close trades, monitor your trading positions, edit stop-losses and limit orders, view technical charts and learn how to use the Capital Spreads online trading platform without having to risk or deposit any money.

Unlike the City Index demo (which only gives you 2 weeks until it expires) you can practice on the Capital Spreads demo for as long as you want.  Signing up for a demo account only takes a couple of minutes and you can upgrade to a live account at any time.

Capital Spreads also have their own learning centre for new users which includes articles, video tutorials and seminars on for various spread betting strategies.

Spreads & Selection of Financial Markets

Capital Spreads offers relatively tight spreads.  Here is a summary:

Rolling Daily UK 100 1 point
Rolling Daily DAX 1 point
UK 100 shares 0.1%
Rolling Daily Wall Street 2 points
Rolling Daily €/$ 1 points
Rolling Daily £/$ 2 points
Brent crude oil 5 points
Gold 5 points

Capital Spreads allow you to trade across any market including FOREX, commodities (coffee, gold, platinum, oil), financial indices, interest rates and bonds.  Capital Spreads also lets you spread bet from just £1 per point, compared to other spread betting platforms like Tradefair where the minimum is £2 per point.

One of the most important things at Capital Spreads is that there are no re-quotes at the time of trading.  This makes Capital Spreads extremely popular among experienced traders.  When you execute a trade it is done at the on-screen price (and you’ll receive instant confirmation when you trade through the iPhone).  The stop-loss orders also close on the money meaning that you don’t have to worry about these sorts of things.