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Hello traders, welcome to the thinkorswim tutorial and the first module, Introduction to Thinkorswim. In this lesson, we’re going to talk about the chat rooms, the squawk and support services that you can find on the thinkorswim platform. Well, my thinkorswim platform is looking more and more like a trading platform. We already know everything about the left sidebar. And now, before we move ahead to all the tabs here, we are going to learn about this specific button. The support and chat button. When you click on it, the first thing that you are going to notice is the home tab, followed by the support tab. We already know how to create a support request to any of the three support desks within TDA or TD Ameritrade.

Live chatroom thinkorswim

Now the next stuff that we are going to look at is the chat room. You can see that right now there’s five chat rooms available, Trader’s Lounge, Swim Lessons, Shadow Trader, Futures Cast and Global News. Every single chat is specific to a specific use. For example, the Trader Lounge is where you can chat with other traders about the market. The Swim Lesson chat is where you can ask about the trading platform or the Swim Script, which is the script that you can use to create indicators for the platform. The Futures Cast is the chat room for Futures trader, etc, etc. Now here’s where this platform becomes an actual community.


Right now, because of the time of the day, there are absolutely no traders online, but during trading hours you will see that the chats’ numbers increase as well as the users in the chats. And when you go into a chat and you start chatting with other traders, you can see that right here, you have a listen button. For example, if you click on the listen button, you can see that the volume bar on the chat will go green and you can modify it by just going to the volume right here and moving it up and down.

Now when this is clicked and if the chat posts a Squawk, you are going to be able to listen to the Squawk. A Squawk is a service that delivers news in a vocalized manner, making it easier for you to react to those news. And of course, you can always, always, listen to the thinkorswim Squawk by clicking on the listen thinkorswim. Right now, the thinkorswim is off air, but when we are in trading hours, you can listen to any of the Squawk boxes or Squawk services that this platform hosts.

And last but not least, the audio settings tab, where you can know if your audio settings are correct or your microphone settings are correct, and you can see, the platform is actually detecting my voice over the microphone.
Now, before we move any further, we are going to save this workspace, okay? Because as you already know, you can have different work spaces for different tradings. During this course, we’re going to keep on saving the workspace that we are going to be working on, but for this time, we are just going to save it as, “Thinkorswim tutorial.” And that is basically how you save a workspace on the TD Ameritrade thinkorswim platform.


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