City Index Blackberry App

Launched in 1983, City Index is the world’s leading spread betting, CFD and Forex trading company.  City Index handles more than 1.5 million trades per day from customers in more than 50 different countries.  The sheer size and history of City Index makes them one of the most reliable companies to deposit your money with.

New traders that sign up to City Index will enjoy tight spreads from 1 point, guaranteed stop losses and 24/7 news updates and technical trading charts.  You can also sign up to their free 14-day Demo account with £2,500 virtual cash to trade with.

Best Mobile Trading Platform – Join City Index Now!

City Index was recently voted the “Best Mobile Trading Platform 2010” by MoneyAM.  City Index provides the biggest range of mobile trading platforms including apps for the iPhone, Blackberry and Android mobile devices.


Editor’s Review of the City Index Blackberry App

Released in 2009, City Index’s Blackberry trading app gives allows spread bettors to check the markets 24/7, view their account and open or close trades.

Open and Close Positions: The City Index Blackberry App provides a secure and reliable way for traders to open or close positions on over 12,000 markets.  You’ll receive instant trade confirmations for every transaction without the hassle of re-quotes.

In addition to updates on the latest market prices, users can also set stop-losses, limit orders and place OCOs through the Blackberry device. More market information on particular financial instruments is available at the click of a button.

View Market Prices and Movements: Being away from your computer doesn’t mean you can’t check the latest prices and movements on over 12,000 markets.  The City Index Blackberry App lets you browse through markets by Category, Group or by your customised Watch List.

Manage Your Account Summary: View your account details with the click of a button.  The Blackberry app provides a summary of your trading activities, including your cash balance, P&L, net equity, margin requirements and a visualised screen of your trades. You can also review your previous trade history.

How to Install the City Index Blackberry Trading Platform

In order to use the City Index mobile trading platform on your Blackberry you’ll first need to have a live account with City Index. In order to create an account, sign up to City Index here and follow the step-by-step instructions.

City Index also offers an 8-week demo platform for beginners which gives you £10,000 in paper money to trade with. The demo platform is great for helping you earn how to use the various technical charts, and platform features.   City Index is also excellent for beginners, offering 10p per point trades for the first 8 weeks of your trading (increases to £1 per pip afterwards).

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