City Index Offering Free Webinar to Learn Spread Betting

Some interesting spread betting webinars and seminars are being offered for free by City Index, which was deemed the Best Mobile Trading Platform by Money AM Online Finance Awards in 2010 and 2011

Mitigating the risks of spread betting

Spread betting can be one of the most lucrative of speculative activities but it can also wipe out your entire investment just as easily. It is definitely not advisable to enter this arena without enough knowledge about what spread betting is all about and how it works. Knowing the risks involved and understanding how you can hedge against them is a critical first step before you start.

Today, beginners can take advantage of technology to learn more about this kind of speculation. This is where the City Index webinar comes in. The webinar provides an excellent platform for practicing your skills without financial outlay of any sort.

The webinar takes you through a step by step lesson on what spread betting is all about. With the help of examples it also elucidates how this trading strategy actually works. Investors get to learn about stop losses, limit orders and other methods that limit losses through examples. Simulated trading sessions are used to demonstrate how loss or profit is magnified many times over owing to the massive leverage in such trades.

Webinars suit investors’ learning pace

The webinar helps beginners immensely because it is possible to do the learning at a pace that suits the investor. In fact, it is ideal for those who supplement their monthly salaries with profits from their trading activities investment since they can learn spread betting basics at their convenience during after work hours. With such webinars, important points, trading strategies and tips can be reviewed again and again until they are firmly entrenched in the mind.

The City Index webinar allocates virtual funds to the trader to invest and manage gives him a feel for the real market. The investor can actually practice his newly learned skills and determine where and how his investment strategy is flawed without spending a single dollar. There are also slightly advanced webinars that teach the trader to make use of technical analysis to predict price movements. This helps the investor reduce the risk he undertakes when spread betting in real life.


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