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95/ 100
Type of Broker: Forex Broker
Regulated: VFSC
Min Deposit: $250
Min Trade Amount: 0.10
US Clients:
Number of Assets: 100+
Leverage: 1:400
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: Sirix Web, Mobile, and Station Traders
Types of assets: Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks
Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time
Credit Card 8-10% 3-4 days
Debit card 1-5% 4-5 days
Skrill one 3-4 days
Swift 8-10% Immediately


Full Review

CMSTrader is a VFSC regulated forex broker and is a subsidiary of Safe Side Trading Limited, which is a renowned UK financial trading account headquartered at 71-75, Shelton Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H9JQ, UK.

Traders utilizing this trading platform have the luxury of trading various instruments such as forex, commodities, and CFDs, among others. Since traders can choose whether to utilize micro or standard lots in their trading procedures, they have the opportunity to choose other incredible offers by the broker. By establishing close relations with a number of signal service providers, users can enjoy accessing free trading signals upon a successful sign up.

Social Trading

Social trading is a great way for beginners to make money with forex trading. Social trading allows new and inexperienced traders to take advantage of professional traders’ experience. CMSTraders offers a user-friendly social trading interface that enables traders to copy trades of other traders in real time. The social trading service offered by the broker is absolutely free and available for all clients. As opposed to major social trading platforms, CMSTrader does not charge extra markup in spreads or commission for traders using the broker’s social trading platform.

Account Types

There are a number of supported trading accounts at CMSTrader that promote a swift trading experience to both experienced and inexperienced traders. There is an Islamic account that endeavors to satisfy the interests of strict Muslims, in regards to sharia law. A free demo account is also featured and has been paramount to first time traders at this platform.

Mini: This type of account allows users to access more than 120 currency pairs. Some of these currencies include EUR, GBP, USD, JPY, among others. The minimum deposit is at $500. Some added features in this account include a personalized training experience through online tutorials. There are no commissions incurred on deposits or withdrawals. The leverage value is set at 1:200 with 0.10 listed as the least trading volume. Traders here can hedge, deal and access daily signals but only allowed to trade through Sirix Web Trader platform.

Silver: The Minimum deposit required at this account is $10,000 with video tutorials and a personalized account manager activated for access. The account can be utilized through any of the three main trading platforms; Sirix Web Trader, CMS Platform and Mobile Trader. Traders are regularly invited to VIP events while at the same time accessing incredible opportunities such as risk free financial plans. The leverage amount is set between 1:200, 1:300 and 1:400. All features available on the mini account are also accessible here.

Gold: This is the highest account at CMSTrader at a minimum deposit of $50,000. Users of this account have access to all features available on the mini and silver account plus a few extra premium features. Some of those features include: Monthly performance analysis, personal account managers, fixed/variable spreads and dealing desk, among others.

Trading Platforms

Traders at CMSTrader are able to profit from their investments by utilizing Sirix Web Trader, Sirix Mobile Trader and Sirix Station. The three trading platforms are paramount towards calculating proper returns on investments to users.

Sirix Web Trader: This is among the best trading platforms at CMSTrader because it can easily be accessed by anyone regardless of the type of account used. Since its a-button-a-click-away on the internet, it requires no download. Traders can buy or sell in real time with less of a hassle with Sirix Web Trader.

Sirix Mobile Trader: This is CMSTraders trade-on-the-go platform. Users can trade from anywhere at any time thus making Sirix Mobile trader a commendable option for serious traders who prefer maximizing on every single opportunity. This platform needs to be downloaded and installed on mobile devices.

Sirix Station: This is the only trading platform at CMSTrader thats available on immediate and advanced accounts (Silver and Gold). Advanced features on this platform include: Specialized charting tools, real time trading and market events among others. This platform has to be downloaded and installed on the PC.

Trading Assets (Instruments), Leverage, Spreads and Margins

Spreads at CMSTrader are applicable based on the type of account held by the trader. Major currency pairs, however, have been monitored closely and its now evident that they start at 3 pips and max out at 5 pips. Spot Gold and Spot Silver spreads start at 80 pips and max out at 13 pips.

CMSTrader offers a wide range of tradable currencies (over 130 pairs), making it a resourceful forex broker. Traders have the opportunity of trading other instruments such as stocks, indices, commodities, CFDs and precious metals.

CFDs at CMSTrader draw a leverage of 1:10 promoting profits multiplication ten times when compared to normal stocks trading.

Prepaid Card

CMSTrader offers its clients an opportunity to withdraw their funds using a prepaid debit card. Clients can transfer funds from their CMtrader’s vault to the prepaid card. The debit card offered by the broker is accepted worldwide on milllions of ATMs and online stores. With the prepaid card offered by the CMSTrader, you can track your spending online anytime.

Trading Tools and Resources

CMSTrader has taken the initiative to invest in a number of tools and resources that promote effective and swift trading. The platform presents live charting tools, educational materials, analysis, video tutorials and CMS webinars. First time users can use the video tutorials to get them started with the platform while other users can utilize live charts and webinars to stay ahead.

Deposits and Withdrawals

CMSTrader offers a few deposit and withdrawal techniques of funds to and out of the account. Credit cards, debit cards and wire transfer are the three most utilized methods in the platform. The minimum amount that users can deposit to their accounts is set at $500 while the minimum withdrawal amount is set at $250. All first time withdrawals must be verified by submitting billing address details such as scans of utility bills.

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