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credit cardsIt used to be the case that the only way that a deposit could be made to a broker account would be by means of a bank transfer. Due to the internet age though it is now possible to make a deposit by various methods and these are listed below for each individual broker.

Please bear in mind though, even though many of the brokers allow deposits to be made from a credit card, if that credit card is a MasterCard you are not allowed to withdraw funds back to that card. It is not the spread betting brokers being awkward, it is simply because MasterCard will not allow it.

It is also worth noting that even though the larger more established brokers will carry out identity checks etc when an account is opened with them, some of the smaller brokers only carry out these checks when a withdrawal is made and as such ask for you to send ID such as copies of bank statements and utility bills to them. Don’t worry; it is nothing personal, just something that they have to do by UK law.

Spread Betting Brokers which Accept Credit/Debit Card Deposit Method in 2014: – Credit and debit cards are accepted but please be aware that there is a 1.5% charge for deposits which are made with a credit card with same charge also applying to debit cards which are not registered to the UK. – Credit and debit cards are accepted but the same charges apply as with It should also be noted that business debit cards are not accepted. Any credit or debit card deposits have to in the name of the account holder, again, FAS regulations. –Credit and debit cards are accepted but it is emphasized that the cards need to be in the name of the account holder. It should also be remembered that when a withdrawal is made, quite a few brokers, included, ask for a copy of the front and back of the card from which the deposit has been made.

If you are asked to comply with this request, it is perfectly acceptable to blank out the middle eight digits of the card number as well as the three digit security code, in fact, it could be regarded as foolish not to. – Credit and debit cards are accepted by this broker with the usual charges if the credit card is not issued in the UK. – The same again, credit and debit cards are accepted with the usual charges for a credit card.


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