Crossfire Review – FX Managed Account Service

About the Crossfire Managed Account


This managed Forex account service is provided by Swiss Seagull AG, which has acquired a growing reputation as one of the foremost investment management companies in the world.

The primary mission of this firm is to generate above average returns for its clients by trading the currency markets using minimum risk exposure. This objective is achieved by converting intensive market research and innovations into world-beating products and services capable of placing customers always on top.

Swiss Seagull ensures that its investing activities are implemented in accordance to a strict code of conduct which has been specifically designed to ensure full client satisfaction. The company is always striving to obtain perfection by trading Forex as successfully and profitably as possible. Consequently, the company has recruited a team of professional investment managers with the diverse knowledge, skill and track records capable of proficiently servicing all these requirements and enabling clients to benefit accordingly.

Specifically, a team of dedicated specialists to allocated to each particular asset class. For example, the firm’s managed Forex account services are controlled and monitored exclusively by highly qualified experts in the currency markets. The combined knowledge of each team member is consequently focused to provide a top class product.

By implementing a framework of alternative investments, this company has the amenities and facilities to provide its clients with comprehensive investment choices ranging from conservative to highly speculative. As such, by subscribing with Swiss Seagull, you will gain the opportunity to hone your account performance to match your own trading aspirations and preferred risk exposure.


Methodology of Swiss Seagull

As a top priority, this company aims to maintain a position at the forefront of all advances and innovations influencing this investment sector. In order to achieve this objective, the firm operates a very active research facility with the prime intent of creating the most attractive and competitive alternative investment products and services in the world.

For example, this firm does not just dependent on analyzing the currency markets using standard strategies, such as breakouts and retractions, etc. In contrast, Swiss Seagull AG has developed advanced techniques based on a multi-directional fusion of trading styles and objectives. In addition, the methodologies deployed to track and monitor quality entry opportunities operate successfully well with any time-frame extending from one minute to monthly.

The mission statement of the company is structured on underlying concepts, such as ‘Constant improvement is required to achieve continuous advancement’ and ‘always aim to make the optimum decision irrespective of the prevailing conditions in the currency markets’.

One of the most significant benefits of ‘alternative’ investments is their knack of generating non-correlated profits. The continuing evolution of this investment type flourishes irrespective of economic circumstances. This company attempts to provide an excellent service acting as a professional advisor in ‘alternative investments for both private and institutional investors


Performance Tests

If Swiss Seagull AG possesses just a fraction of the skills claimed in its promotional literature then its Forex managed account service presents a very interesting proposition. In order to obtain a handle on this firm’s true performance capabilities, an investigation was undertaken by performing a sequence of test. You can locate the ensuing results within the next table.



Key Parameters

An effort was now made to assess the performance of the Crossfire in order to provide you with a method allowing you to evaluate and compare it with other similar products. Essentially, the key performance parameters were derived by basing them on the average vales outlined in the table above.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 68%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.58

3.       Expectancy Value = $1,196.00

These results indicate that the Crossfire possessing the astonishing ability to generate a profit of $1,196.00 over the long haul for every single US dollar placed at risk.


User Comments

Sadly, no such comments could be located by performing an internet search that could confirm the impressive expectancy value of the Crossfire.



You will need to contact this company direct in order to gain its fee structure as this information is not clearly available on its website.



The performance parameters listed above for the Crossfire are, without doubt, quite breathtaking. Specifically, the expectancy value is very competitive as it easily overshadows those of rival products.

Although you should seriously consider delving deeper into this service, you are still advised to adopt caution until you can confirm the validity of its performance. You can accomplish this goal by implementing our preferred series of action steps.

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