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Type of Broker: Exchange
Min Deposit: 500
US Clients:
Bonus: Any Cryptocurrency, Personal Account Manager, No Deposit Cap
Number of Assets: 200+
Free Demo Account:
Types of assets: Any Cryptocurrency
Payment METHOD NAME Charge Time
Debit card 1-5% 4-5 days
Fast Bank Transfer 1.5% 2-3 days


Full Review

A fairly recent launch in the public domain, CryptoGo has been built on the premise of trading Fiat money for cryptocurrencies. With the rising number of cryptocurrency trade platforms in the market, was made to bring something new to the table.

CryptoGo is a significant improvement over present crypto trading platforms. It adds a number of interesting aspects to crypto trading which are currently unique to it.

The purpose of this CryptoGo review is to highlight the most important aspects of the exchange. It also attempts to throw a deep and revealing light on the functioning of the platform. By doing so, this review aims to equip you with the knowledge necessary to make your own informed decision.


CryptoGo is headquartered in London but is also functional in the United States. It is the result of the immaculate toil and labour of many experienced brokers, analysts, and traders. Their cumulative knowledge of blockchain technologies and crypto coins has contributed immensely to make this a platform for everyman. is the brainchild of a highly committed design team and scores of industry professionals.

CryptoGo is ideal for anyone who finds dealing with other platforms like Bittrex, Coinbase, Poloniex etc. hard. You can also visit their personal telegram channel of CryptoGo here.


When someone makes a purchase of a cryptocurrency on CryptoGo, the purchase is not automatically stored. Rather the user is given a choice between selecting the most secure wallets out there. In this regard, CryptoGo agents come in very handy in identifying the right wallet for each user. Normally, they would suggest one that offers the 2-factor authentication feature.

A cryptocurrency purchase is an investment decision and naturally carries some amount of risk with it. That is why it would be wise to consider all options carefully before investing.


For the convenience of users, CryptoGo offers multiple transaction facilities. The user can opt for bank transfer or through debit or credit card or other online payment methods like Paypal, Neteller etc.


CryptoGo has arguably the most massive index of cryptocurrencies on offer until date. You can look through the list here

For initial users, CryptoGo has already listed the most popular cryptocurrencies online. However, CryptoGo is not limited to merely those coins. Rather, you can use almost any coin to purchase any other coin on CryptoGo. Nevertheless, you may find an exception in the case:

  • Sometimes, when a new coin is launched, it will not have a dedicated wallet. So, you can only store them on the exchange after purchasing them. CryptoGo encourages you to protect your investment and does not bear responsibility for any amount you choose to save on the exchange.
  • Sometimes people mistakenly seek to purchase ICOs on CryptoGo. We want to make it clear that the platform is not the place to make such purchases. This is so because each ICO is based on different rules and is not held over an exchange. So, in case you want to purchase a new coin on CryptoGo, you must wait until it becomes available for purchase on the exchange.


CryptoGo does not impose any deposit limits. People are free to choose as and when and how much they want to deposit with the exchange.

The problem with major cryptocurrency exchange is that they often have a lower and upper limit on how much you are allowed to deposit. Obviously, this restricts both experts and novices alike and people go looking for alternatives.

By getting rid of these restrictions altogether, CryptoGo embraces and fosters the ambition of every new CryptoGo user. You will be afforded the ability to make use of CryptoGo and the services offered on it as per your discretion. This marks a first in the era of cryptocurrency exchanges. Finally, the market is becoming more consumer-centric and is not being dominated by exchanges.


Since CryptoGo has been deployed recently, it is full of the latest features that will make your investment safe and trade a breeze. Using cryptographically-secure mechanisms designed to not store any assets on the exchange, CryptoGo’s safety mechanism ensures a high degree of security. So in the event of a hack, your money will still be secure. If you don’t own a wallet, all you need to do is contact the customer care executives. They will help you navigate the account creation process for storing your assets in a new wallet.


Is it legal?

With scams abound in the crypto market, wondering about the legitimacy of any new exchange is a matter of course. However, with regards to CryptoGo, everything seems to be as per the law. We have examined all their claims and can comfortably certify them a legal exchange. As they work with fiat as well as digital currencies, they have a particularly robust licensure requirement that must be met every time. So far, all of CryptoGo’s claims have been proven correct.

However, as is the case with all things, convenience comes at a slight price. So CryptoGo charge slightly more for your average transaction as compared to other exchanges. Nevertheless, for the level of security and degree of convenience it provides, we believe that the quoted fee is more than justified.


Becoming a member of the CryptoGo community is easier than you might think. All you need to do is to provide your name and contact number.

CryptoGo buy image 1

After this, you will be shown a purchases page. Here, you will be able to determine your total purchase amount as well the payment method.

CryptoGo buy image 2

The system works very quickly and all queries will be handled by an account manager dedicated to your account.

On the basis of your selected payment method, you are going to be shown either a card payment page, which will look like this:

CryptoGo buy image 3

or a wire transfer payment page, which will look like this:

CryptoGo buy image 4

After the payment is made you will be taken to a confirmation page and you will receive an email receipt of your order. You will also receive the accorded amount of coins in your wallet address.

Once both transactions are completed you will need to undergo a verification process. Simply transfer an ID and proof of address to your account manager.

Remember that your documents must be consistent for at least 3 months.


In the world of crypto trading, CryptoGo has its own unique identity. It gives users a number of benefits which we will look at in the following segments:

  • • The first and foremost advantage with CryptoGo is that it does not have an upper limit on how much cryptocurrency you wish to purchase.
  • • Another great thing about CryptoGo is that it permits all forms of transactions through fiat money. So, irrespective of where you are in the world, you can use the major currencies to make trades and purchases.
  • • The CryptoGo website is filled with vital information on a myriad of topics relevant to the cryptocurrency domain. This resource is also frequently upgraded in order to keep up with the changing trends and give general advice.
  • • Since the lowest amount that you can trade for is at 1 dollar or $1, you can test the waters easily before deciding on making a decent investment.
  • • CryptoGo has already or is in the process of merging/collaborating with other exchanges. As a result, they have large pools of liquid assets which can be very useful to an investor. This means that orders can be completed very fast and without any hassle.
  • • CryptoGo is a platform that is dedicated to the liberalisation of the market. That is why it offers multiple means of transferring money and exchanging it for crypto coins.
  • • CryptoGo as arguably one of the easiest to understand interfaces amongst all other exchanges in the market. So, if you feel overwhelmed by the data on the interface of other exchanges, then CryptGo might be just what you need. CryptoGo has also made a good amount of name for itself because of its to-the-point interface. While it does offer a considerable amount of literature and expert opinion, it’s interface is still minimal and user-friendly. So, those who simply want to trade without being forced to learn new things can do so with ease.
  • • Another very important aspect of what makes CryptoGo such a great platform is that they have a robust rating system. This is obviously very helpful to any and all investors and can help them make wise investment decisions.
  • • One more quality aspect of CryptoGo that sets it apart from the rest is its account manager clause. Basically, every account that is created gets assigned a personal manager. These are highly trained individuals with significant years of experience. So, it is quite useful to learn from them or take their advice.
  • • CryptoGo has one of the easiest sign-up processes amongst all other exchanges in the market. They guarantee verification and transaction approval within one hour if all the documents provided are authentic and without mistake.
  • • Last but not least of the benefits of CryptoGo is the resale aspect. This means that you can resell your acquired coins without needing to go to any other exchange. This makes the entire process convenient and risk-free.


  • • One thing that might dishearten a few cryptocurrency investors is the fact that there is no welcome bonus. However, considering it provides you with a free personal account manager, this is well worth the exchange.
  • • Another issue with CryptoGo is that it does not offer any dedicated wallet on its own. It, however, does offer the steps to setup an external wallet. This is done with the help of your personal account manager. So, if you consider it, this is not much of a drawback especially since it keeps your investment safe.
  • • An issue which has been raised by some users is that there is no direct breakdown of how much each transaction is being charged. However, there is also an easy fix for this. Connect with your personal account manager. They will be able to tell you all the pricing structures and associated costs with each transaction.
  • • Though CryptoGo does have the option of buying ICOs after they hit the exchanges, you still need to have a wallet. This means that before you purchase a new coin, you will need a dedicated wallet for it, which can be somewhat difficult.
  • • CryptoGo does not offer the chance to trade between two crypto coins. So if you want to by BTC for ETH, then you have to use another exchange which offers this facility.


It has become a common thing now for new ICOs to come up each week. You can bet that as the weeks turn to months, these numbers are only going to increase. However, it can be quite difficult to find an exchange coin which is fresh off the ICO and just hit the exchange. This can be of immense advantage to investors who want to gain an advantage before the prices soar.

So, this is a very good exchange to be a part of if you want to diversify your cryptocurrency investment portfolio. Another great thing about them is that they are available in the US as well.

All you need to do to get started with CryptoGo is download a digital wallet, link your bank accounts and transfer the requisite monetary amount. Everything else will be handled by the exchange. So, all in all, CryptoGo does offer some very nice features that cannot be found anywhere else.

If you wonder about the added expense, then you must consider the facilities being offered. Then you will see that the increased price is a small trade-off. It is our belief that you will profit greatly