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How to Use the cTrader Platform 

Welcome to our cTrader tutorials for new traders. This tutorial will show you how to use all the basic and advanced features of the platform so you can completely take advantage of it as if you were a professional hedge fund trader and operate with full range of orders to maximize your trade options. This tutorial will give from beginning to end on how to maximize the cTrader experience

What will you learn?

  • Introduction to the cTrader platform
  • How to change your chart appearance and add indicators/tools
  • Placing traders and using different orders
  • Autotrading, cBots and cMirror platform


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Module 1 Introduction to cTrader
Unit 1 Introduction to cTrader and ECN 04:51 Free  
Unit 2 Execution: cTrader versus MT4 02:04 Free  
Unit 3 cTrader: Left Side Panel 05:42 Free  
Unit 4 cTrader: Upper Icon List 05:17 Free  
Unit 5 How To Create a Watchlist on cTrader 05:29 Free  
Module 2 Charting and Adding Indicators
Unit 1 How to Change the Platform Appearance 05:32 Free  
Unit 2 How to Create a New Workspace 05:37 Free  
Unit 3 How to Create a New Template 04:33 Free  
Unit 4 How to Use Chart Drawing Tools 09:06 Free  
Unit 5 How to Add an Indicator 04:18 Free  
Unit 6 How To Download a New Indicator to cTrader Platform 04:31 Free  
Module 3 Trading
Unit 1 Depth of Market Available on cTrader 05:24 Free  
Unit 2 Chart Trading on cTrader Platform 04:42 Free  
Unit 3 How to Create Modified Limit and Stop Orders [some parts missing in transcript] 05:44 Free  
Unit 4 How to Use the Quick Trade Mode 04:48 Free  
Unit 5 How to Double Up and Reverse With One Click 04:18 Free  
Unit 6 Advanced Trade Protection 05:42 Free  
Module 4 cBots
Unit 1 Introduction to cAlgo Platform 06:34 Free  
Unit 2 Backtesting a cBot on the cAlgo Platform 07:56 Free  
Unit 3 Finding cBots to Trade With 05:32 Free  
Unit 4 Optimizing a cBot on the cAlgo 05:22 Free  
Unit 5 cMirror on cTrader Platform 06:38 Free  

About the cTrader Tutorials Course

cTrader provides full STP access (straight to processing) to the currency market. What this means is that the platform routes your trades using STP networks allowing you to directly trade with prominent banks.

This model frees traders from the common market maker model (on which your broker takes the counterpart of your trade, effectively trading against you). Dealing desk intervention becomes impossibility while trading with a true ECN platform such as cTrader.


Platform Features

Not only you get a true ECN platform while trading with cTrader but you also will get an extremely fast execution on your trades, level II quotes for all forex pairs, advanced charting and chart trading. You will also be able to profit from the advanced cAlgo integration, a unique algorithmic trading platform that works effortlessly with your cTrader platform for easy automatic trading.

Are there any prerequisites?

There are not any prerequisites for you to be able to fully comprehend this tutorial. This course will take you from the most basic features of the platform to the most advanced tools inside of it, such as the cAlgo platform for robot trading. You don´t have to have any previous experience with trading platforms to go through the tutorial but if you already use a more basic platform to trade it sure will surely help to get there faster.

What are the challenges of changing platforms?

There are no real challenges when it comes to changing trading and execution platforms. It takes a little bit of time to get use to the new features and different execution methods but it´s just a transitional period.

Going from a regular platform to and advanced one kind be tricky and this is why we encourage transitional traders to start first on minimum risk in their trades until they get 100% used to the new execution parameters.

It shouldn´t take long, a few days at the most, because the orders and execution methods are so similar.

Is this platform free?

It is actually. But you can only use it with ECN brokers that have it available for their clients. Not all brokers do but here at investoo.com you can find a few that offer it.

Can I get proprietary indicators developed on cTrader?

Yes you can. You can develop your own proprietary indicators using the C#  language to code them. This tutorial doesn´t cover coding or programming because it would take the focus out of all the features a trader needs to know to trade with cTrader.

That being the case, you can always go to the cTDN website and look at the already developed indicators there: http://ctdn.com/algos/indicators

You talk about cAlgo, where can I get robots?

Well you can have your own robots developed for you by a programmer. But if you don´t you can visit the cTDN cBots page to see the robots that other traders have developed: http://ctdn.com/algos/cbots

Can I trade with cTrader on a mobile device?

Yes. cTrader has new apps for both Android, iPhone and other devices. This tool is great if you want to monitor open trades or manage them on the go.


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