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Fellow traders, welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the first module Introduction to the cTrader Platform. In this lesson, we are going to discuss the upper icon list and the upper icon list is this list on the top right of your platform just to the left of where your email address is. Now we’re going to start by the links button. When you click on the links button, you get you are going to get a drop down menu. The first links you are going to get are application links. This means that if you click on any of these links, all of these applications are going to be prompt out. For example if you click on cAlgo, the cAlgo platform is going to open.

ctraderuppericonlist 1

When you click on cTrader web, a web page is going to open with the web based platform of the cTrader. If you click on cMirror, a web page will open with the cMirror platform. Again the same with the cTrader Android and the cTrader iOS. The second part of the list are cBots indicators and the forum at ctdn.com. Well these links are going to be links for developers if you want to develop a new bot or a new indicator or for coders, if you know how to code on C+. And then you have the social media links and the links to the cTrader partners. The second button is “My Workspace.” When you click on the button, you have the workspace you have saved and the default work space which is my workspace.

ctraderuppericonlist 2

As you can see here, we have one workspace saved, which is the four charts in one monitor work space. In further lessons we are going to teach you how to create your own workspace and how to save it so you have your saved workspaces on this list. If you click on the saved workspace, it will change completely the workspace you are looking at right now to the workspace that you saved. You also have the “New Order” button and when you click on this the new order window will appear where you can take market orders or send market orders, leaving orders or stop orders on any of the instruments available to trade with your trader through the cTrader platform.

ctraderuppericonlist 3

Then this button right here changes the color of the entire platform from black to white. As you can see, I clicked it and now the default theme of the platform is white. I’m going to switch it back to black. Then we have the next icon which is the video library. If you click on the video library for the cTrader will open where you have videos, well very basic videos that teach you how to trade forex and very basic videos that teach you how to use some indicators. As well as an introduction video to the cTrader platform. Then if you click here, you will get the online live chat assistance of the cTrader platform.

Then this button right here, the chart configuration configures where you want your snapshots to open. You can take a snapshot of the chart you are looking at just by clicking on this button on the right side of the chart. Right here you

ctraderuppericonlist 4

the email alerts where you can choose to get notified when your trade state profits stop or hit the stop-loss via email. Or whether your pending orders have been filled or when you make a deposit or a withdrawal. Also you can manage the sounds of your platform, and right here you can change the default, well the default layout which is this one right here to a chart trading layout okay, to a full screen layout. Now if you want your platform to be full screen by itself, you just click on this button and your platform will be full screen.

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