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Hello traders. Welcome to the Thinkorswim Tutorial, and this first module, Introduction to Thinkorswim. In this lesson I’m going to teach you how to customize your account information within the platform. As you can see right here, this is what the platform looks like.

ThinkorSwim account settings

I know it’s a little bit scary at first, but it’s actually a very trader-friendly platform. I’m going to go on this tutorial step by step, teaching you every single one of the parameters you can modify within the platform. The first thing you’ll notice is this tab right here, account information. If you click on the arrow, this will bring up all the account information that I have customized up until now.

You can see my options buying power, my Forex buying power, my net liquidity, etc. Now, remember that this is a paper money account, but it doesn’t matter really because this is not a trading…tutorial bookmark of how the platform works, and how can you customize it to your trading. The first thing you could notice is that all of these tabs have this button right here. When you click on the button, you can detach the gadget so you have your account information around…you can have your account information on a corner right here, or you can attach it to your platform. You can customize the gadget by clicking again on this item right here, and clicking on customize gadget. This will prompt out this window right here, and as you can see we have a ton of information that we can add to my current set.

Account Settings 2

Now, let’s see. I want to add and remove some items, and what I want to remove is this one, I want to remove [inaudible 00:01:57] for trading. I want to have…unsettled cash I want to remove it, and I want to add some more information like equity percentage for example, and of course you can add your floating P&L. As you can see, to add an item, you just click on the item you want to add, and you can click on this button right here add items, and you will add it to your current set. If you want to remove an item from the set, you just click on the item, and click on this button right here, okay? To move up and down the items, for example, if I want my Forex floating P&L at the top, you just click on the item, and then click here on the button that says move up, and you just keep on clicking it until you have the item at the top as you want it. Then, let’s say I want my Forex buying power and my Forex floating P&L together, and I want my options, let’s say if we have an option of…Well, we have option buying power, but we don’t have an option of floating P&L. We do have a futures account or futures balance that we don’t have right here, I’m going to add it and I’m going to move it up.

Again, let’s say that this is what the set that I want looks like, I just click on “OK,” and as you can see, I have all the information now that I wanted before. I have my Forex floating P&L, etc. Add a client if you click on customer gadget. I have this hide unknown non-applicable items, okay? If some of these items that I have on my set don’t apply to my account, they will not show on my account information. But let’s click it just to look at what happens when we unclick it. Now I have all the information that I wanted on my set right here on my account information window. But as you can see available for trading, I don’t have any, because this is a paper money account. And equity percentage I don’t have any because this is a paper money account. So I’m going to re-click again, hide non-applicable items, because it takes too much space. And this is how you are going to customize the account information gadget on this left side bar.


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