Drive Forex Metals Fund Review

About Drive Forex Metals Fund


Why should you consider subscribing with this Forex Managed Account Service? The promoters of this company identify the following features as excellent reasons for doing so:

1. Easy to join: Once you have enrolled, you just need to create a trading account and invest your initial deposit.

2. Minimum Stipulations: You are just advised not to make any withdrawals during the first months following activation as such actions could adversely impact the performance of your account

3. Fund Protection: Only you can deposit and withdraw funds from your account. Although this company can invest your money in the commodity and currency markets, it has no access to your funds.

4. You will keep 70% of all profits made while the company will receive the remaining 30% as its fee.

5. You will not have to pay any commission if profits are not made. As such, this company has a major incentive to generate consistent returns for you

6. Automatic Equity Protection: If your account ever drops below 70% of its initial value, then the firm’s service will be suspended and all active trades closed. Consequently, you will not suffer any further losses until this company has reviewed the prevailing conditions with you.

7. The firm possesses historic trading results extending back to August 2013, which can be readily verified by third parties, demonstrating that it did generate real money profits since that start date.


About Drive Forex Metals Fund

This firm possesses a team of Hedge Fund Managers with proven investment track-records, especially in the currency markets. The company also produces automated solutions which it claims boasts superior trading performances compared to those of other similar devices presently on the market.

Drive Forex Metals Fund was launched in 2008 by a group of professional traders, who have the following skills and experience:

1. They each have at least twelve years of trading experience

2. They were all Vice-Presidents of prestigious global banks

3. Each one is an expert trader and currently invests his/her own funds into the financial markets.

The company has been producing automated solutions for its major clients since 2008. The Hedge Fund faculty was founded in 2010 which incorporates the usage of the firm’s best performing expert advisors in order to identify quality trading opportunities. Recently, a new set of automated devices have been devised with the primary intent of providing increased protection for client’s trading capital. These new product are not available for sale to the general public. Specifically, the hedge fund specializes in speculating on the currency and commodity markets.


Why Select Drive Forex Metals Fund

–      Your invested funds will be controlled by the firm’s fund managers who possess in excess of 20 years of trading experience.

–      The hedge fund uses well-tested expert advisors to derive its key trading decisions, such as identifying quality entry opportunities.

–      Advanced and proprietary strategies are also utilized to generate maximum profits by exposing your equity to minimum risk levels

–      You will only pay a monthly fee if you have secured profits during the preceding month.


Performance Tests

The next step in the analysis was to identify and then implement a method to assess whether this fund could produce streams of consistent profits under real live trading conditions. To achieve this objective, an investigation was instigated by conducting a series of tests and the ensuing results are presented in the next table.



Key Parameters

The following key performance parameters were now deduced using the average values displayed in the rightmost column of the above diagram. The primary reason for performing this task was to determine if this product merited a deeper analysis.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 72%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.43

3.       Expectancy Value = $0.40

These values imply that the Drive Forex Metals Fund possesses the potential to return a $0.40 profit over the long haul for each $1 risked.


User Comments

An internet search disclosed a few user statements expressing both negative and positive comments about this product.



This company charges a monthly fee based on 30% of the profits you acquire during the preceding month by using its services.



You should consider investigating other Forex software products as this service only exhibits a weak expectancy value of $0.40. Consequently, your trading capital could be placed at unsubstantiated levels of risk as this value does not ensure adequate protection during volatile and erratic trading conditions. If you followed our list of advised actions will you then be able to compare the performance parameters of numerous Forex software products with this service.

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