Elliot Wave Theory Course

Elliot Wave Theory Course

elliottwaveImprove Your Trading with Elliot Wave Theory

Welcome to our Elliot Wave Theory course. Markets move in cycles and in this course you will learn how to perfectly time your trades and how to use these cycles to get the best risk to reward scenarios you can find. You’ll also learn how to trade popular Elliot Wave Theory patterns including ABC, ZigZags, 12345 and more.

Both of these will increase your profitability in Forex trading.

What will you learn?

  • Learn the rules of both basic and advanced Elliot Wave Theory patterns
  • Correctly analyse market structure and mass psychology
  • Maximise your profits by correctly defining profit target areas
  • How to trade the ABC, 12345, Triangle, Flat patterns and more
  • Understand when it’s profitable to trade and which markets to avoid


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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
Elliot Wave Theory 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory
Unit 1 Introduction to the Elliot Wave Theory Course 4:17 Free  
Unit 2 Introduction to Elliot Wave Theory 4:32 Pro  
Unit 3 The Basic Elliot Wave Theory Patterns 6:11 Pro  
Unit 4 Impulsive and Corrective Waves 5:37 Pro  
Unit 5 Rules of the Basic Elliot Wave Theory Pattern 5:49 Pro  
Unit 6 Waves within Waves 6:31 Pro  
Unit 7 Extensions and Failures 5:57 Pro  
Unit 8 How to Trade the Basic Elliot Wave Theory Design 14:00 Pro  
Module 2 Elliot Wave Patterns
Unit 1 Diagonal Triangle Design 5:50 Pro  
Unit 2 How to Trade Diagonal Triangles 8:53 Pro  
Unit 3 3 Wave ABC Design 5:55 Pro  
Unit 4 How to Trade the ABC Pattern 9:12 Pro  
Unit 5 Flats (3-3-5) and Expanded Flats 5:56 Pro  
Unit 6 How to Trade Flats and Expanded Flats 7:20 Pro  
Unit 7 Triangle Pattern 5:35 Pro  
Unit 8 How to Trade Triangles 5:35 Pro  
Unit 9 Sideways Combinations (Double 3's and Triple 3's) 4:58 Pro  
Unit 10 How to Trade Sideways Combinations 6:20 Pro  
Module 3 Advanced Elliot Wave Analysis
Unit 1 Wave Formation 13:01 Pro  
Unit 2 Actionary Waves and Reactionary Waves 4:35 Pro  
Unit 3 Alternation of Wave Patterns 6:23 Pro  
Unit 4 Wave Extensions 4:32 Pro  
Unit 5 Waves within Channels 5:36 Pro  
Unit 6 How to Trade Waves within Channels 7:24 Pro  
Module 4 Guidelines on the Elliot Wave Sequence
Unit 1 Advanced Wave Personality and Analysis 7:26 Pro  
Unit 2 Choosing the Best Waves to Trade 6:19 Pro  
Unit 3 Wave Tendencies 4:18 Pro  
Unit 4 Wrapping it up on Elliot Wave Theory 9:39 Pro  


About the Elliot Wave Theory Course

This course has been designed and produced by a professional futures trader with years of experience in swing trading the FX markets. Understanding what the Elliot Wave Theory is will give you the edge to beat the markets and make consistent profits from it.

Markets move in cycles and in this course you will learn how to perfectly time them and how to use these cycles to get the best risk to reward scenarios you can find. Trading is about preserving capital and minimizing risk while looking for great opportunities. How can you achieve this? Simple add the Elliot Wave Principle to your technical analysis and setups.

3 Wave corrective pattern

Why should you learn to trade with the Elliot Wave Theory?

This is actually a very tricky question because you will not only learn how to trade some simple yet very powerful patterns in this course; but you will also learn how to consistently predict market swings. This means that you will look at price action in a very different way, a more global view of the markets.

If you were not successful at swing trading in the past fear no more. This course will give you all the tools you need to hold on to you trades for much bigger profits by teaching you how to perfectly calculate profit target zones.

Are there any prerequisites for this course?

There are no real prerequisites to this course but it´s useful to understand how Fibonacci ratios work and how to use the retracement and expansion tools on your trading platform. It´s actually pretty simple and straight forward to use but it´s necessary to calculate wave lengths with the Elliot Wave Theory.

Understanding how markets move is also very important when taking the Elliot Wave Theory Course. Knowing what price action means and what drives it is also important to this course.

In other words, it would be best if you go through the technical analysis course and the price action course before taking the EWT.

Is focusing on the Elliot Wave Principle when analyzing the markets profitable?

Profitability in trading comes from the ability to correctly read the market structure and swings, and position yourself in the market accordingly, using defined stop loss and profit taking levels and doing this over and over. Learning to count waves and predict the end of each swing is what the Elliot Wave Theory is all about.

If you are not a profitable trader yet, learning and applying the EWT to your system is going to change that. You are going to start to see your charts in a very different way, taking less trades but more profitable positions.

Is it going to take a long time before I become a great wave counter?

Just like everything in life, learning how to perfectly analyze each chart using the EWT is going to take practice. The methodology is not complicated but it´s not beginner friendly either. We have made this course as uncomplicated as the EWP let us but it´s going to take practice from you to start counting waves effectively.

The only way to achieve this is to practice, and since it take some time for a new cycle to form it´s better to backtest it on several charts in months of historic data on any financial instrument you want. Since this theory has its roots on mass psychology, its methodology can be applied to any financial market.

Should I use other indicators or systems with the Elliot Wave Theory?

Indicators are always lagging and the only real indicator is price itself. We are not saying that indicators don´t work, we are just pointing out that since we use mass psychology to analyze swings in the markets and indicator will be bring any confirmation to our analysis.

To be completely honest indicators such as moving averages, parabolic SAR or even oscillators will only be confusing since they can have fake signals. These fake signals can make you lose an entry or even cut your trades shorts without letting price hit your calculated target zone completely against the Elliot Wave Principle.

The Elliot Wave Theory and the art of counting waves and price cycles it´s a whole ¨indicator¨ by itself and needs to stay that way. Remember, we are learning how to analyze the markets from another angle and how to hold on to our positions longer for higher profits. This is what every trader wants and you are getting it with this course, there´s no need to clutter your charts with unnecessary indicators if you focus on the Elliot Wave Principle.

What´s next?

After getting familiarized with the Elliot Wave Principle and Theory go to the charts and start practicing. We really advice you to forward test your abilities as a wave counter and practice with some positions using the stop losses and profit taking rules explained in this course. After you feel you are making some good trading decisions backtest your knowledge in historic price action to sharpen your skills as a true EWT trader.


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