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85/ 100
Regulated: Regulated by the FCA
Min Deposit: £100
US Clients:
Bonus: 60% up to £6,000 Welcome Bonus!
Leverage: 400:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: ETX MT4, ETX Binary, ETX Trader, ETX TraderPro,
Types of assets: Forex, CFDs, Binary Options, Indices, Commodities
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About ETX Capital

ETX Capital appears to be a relatively newer Forex, CFD and spread betting broker although it has undergone numerous name changes since its original launch. For example, this broker has previously been known as Tradition UK and TradeIndex before it finally evolved into ETX Capital during 2008.

This firm is located in London, UK and has developed a dynamic and rapidly-growing profile in recent years. In addition, ETX Capital has acquired an impressive reputation for providing its clients with unmatched support serviced by its knowledgeable and friendly staff backed by total confidentiality.

The name ETX Capital was selected in order to reflect the firm’s expertise as an electronic, telephone and exchange servicing operation. The origins of this spread betting broker extend back to 1973. ETX Capital is regulated by the Financial Services Authority; is a valued member of the London Stock Exchange and is the acknowledged trading name of Monecor Ltd. Video Review of

New 60% up to £6,000 Welcome Bonus!

New clients at ETXCapital will currently receive a 60% up to £6,000 bonus when you deposit more than £1,000. Once you have made your deposit please contact [email protected] in order to claim your bonus.

The conditions for this welcome bonus require you to trade 300% of the bonus amount within 90 days (excluding equities) before you can withdraw it.

ETX Capital Bonus

Free £500 Educational Course

ETX presents a special offer which they have termed the free ‘£500 free educational course’. However, this incentive is a disappointment in reality as it consists of just two basic seminars. This entire concept appears strange since most other spread betting brokers strive, as a top priority, to provide high quality educational material; some even to non-registered members. If you subscribe to this ETX service then you could eventually become very frustrated when you find that ‘£500’ is not awarded to your account.

This broker has presented other lucrative bonuses in the past in order to lure new custom. As such, you may consider biding your time to register until such a suitable offer is displayed. In short, as ETX Capital is still a small player in this business sector, it does not possess the financial resources to offer such attractive bonuses as the leading spread betting brokers. As stated, ETX presently only advertises its odd ‘£500 educational course’ which appears to be very limited in its capacity to improve the trading abilities of its subscribers.

Trading Markets

This broker permits you to trade on more than 5,000 markets including shares, indices and currency pairs. In addition, you can speculate on almost 30 commodities as well as interest rates and bonds.

Essentially, ETX Capital supports four main financial markets, which are rolling daily bets, market closure expiring dailies, daily futures and monthly futures. This feature of this company’s platform is one of its most impressive qualities as it offers a larger diversity of underlying assets in more market sectors compared to its competitors.

Trading Platforms Available

ETX Capital supports a platform that provides a number of unique features in this business sector. For instance, this tool includes One Click Dealing, which enables you to instigate new spread bets by just clicking one button with your mouse. This facility tends to be especially attractive to novices and intra-day traders. Registered clients can also readily open spread bets based on thousands of asset classes using just a single account.

You can gain access to your account via the firm’s website without the necessity of downloading any software. You can even perform this action if you have an iPhone as this is the only mobile device currently supported by ETX Capital. The main strength of the supported trading platform is its appearance as it is projects a modern presentation and has been designed to be specifically user-friendly.

You will also have the ability to set alarms that can warn you whenever prevailing market conditions comply with your predetermined criteria allowing you to instigate new spread bets at the optimum time. The availability of this feature also means that you do not have to remain glued to your computer screen around the clock. Another important facility is termed the ‘Multiple Asset Watchlist’ which enables you to configure a number of entry criteria for numerous securities that can all be active concurrently.

ETX Capital has also integrated an extensive charting package into its trading platform which can readily be personalized. This tool, however, is not as impressive as it could be as it boosts minimum innovative features except for enabling clients to activate spread bets straight from their trading charts. This broker does offer two separate charting packages with one intended for novices while the other is more suitable for professional traders. However, the latter package still only supports the most basic technical tools and indicators.

Educational Facilities

ETX Capital does support a comprehensive learning library which is regarded as one of the best within this market sector. This is because this resource comprises an extensive range of educational material supported by seminars. Specifically, the learning center caters just for all types of traders ranging from complete beginners to experts.

Well-constructed videos are available explaining all the key aspects of spread betting. In addition, you can attend seminars during which you can ask questions directly to their presenters. This approach is quite innovative since competitors are more reluctant to face their clients during live situations. Beginners will especially discover that the learning center is a valuable asset as it will encourage them to invest their time and energy learning about spread betting properly before going live.

Strengths & Weaknesses


Experts assess that this broker has only a limited number of pluses that really distinguishes it from its rivals, which are considered to be:

–       A comprehensive educational center that is supported by live interactive seminars

–       The trading platform and website project very attractive layouts so that they are easy to learn and operate.

–       The deposit amount to open a new account is just £100

–       The 24 hour helpline is very effective and user friendly


As ETX Capital is still a comparatively new spread betting broker, it is restricted in its ability to offer clients unique and competitive bonuses. In addition, some of the trading tools presented are disappointing. For example, the charting software package is basic in nature and provides just minimum assistance for more advanced traders.

The firm’s incentive program is practically non-existent although it does release new promotions, albeit on an irregular basis. The spreads quoted by this broker can only be classified as average and the important facility of guaranteed stop-losses is also omitted. The exclusive of demo accounts is definitely a major minus as new traders have little chance of mastering their spread betting skills by joining ETX Capital.

Consequently, many traders experience difficulty about becoming over-excited by this broker as it has done little to establish a brand name since its inception that truly separates it from its competitors. Another worrisome feature about ETX Capital is that its name has already been changed a number of times during its brief history of operation. Many traders prefer not to deal with a broker that feels to need to perform such actions.


ETX Capital appears to have adopted a policy to focus on appearance instead of substance by developing an attractive website and trading platform which are limited in technical innovations. As this broker is currently operating within a highly competitive market competing against a sizeable number of larger and better established rivals, it really needs to strive harder to identify itself as a leading provider in this business sector. Although its educational resources are impressive, its trading platform possesses technical inefficiencies while its quoted spreads tend towards the large size.