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About the Euro/USD

euro usTrading on the EUR/USD currency pair accounts for around 28% of all currency trading volume so it is easy to understand why spread betting brokers are eager to get new clients on board who are interested in getting involved in this market.

This currency pairing is noted for always reacting quickly to any economic data releases so it is important to stay on top of any future announcements when making a financial spread bet in this market.

Don’t forget; when you are trading on the forex markets, there are two set of economic data that you have to be aware of. This fact sometimes catches spread bettors out as they are used to concentrating on the shares of one company or the index of one particular country.

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Best Spread Betting Company for trading the Euro/USD pair should be your first port of call if you are thinking about trading the Euro/USD pair. If you don’t already have an account with them they offer a very attractive sign up bonus, but there are far more reasons to do business with this broker than any incentive that they have to offer.

Opening an account with them is an easy and straightforward process and the training that they are able to provide in all aspects of spread betting is definitely worth a mention. They have online courses which even though they are quite advanced, are put together so that even the novice spread bettor would find them easy to understand. also holds regular seminars that are receiving excellent feedback from satisfied clients who have attended them.

The layout of the trading platform lends itself perfectly for this type of spread betting and a special mention must be made of the mobile trading apps which are also very easy to use.

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Tips for trading the Euro/USD pair

When trading the Euro/USD pair it is always a good idea to allow a little more leeway for your stop loss. This pair really is volatile and if your stop loss is too close you can easily get stopped out before you are really ready. At the same time though, don’t ever be tempted not to use a stop loss because it could easily end in disaster.

Another tip that many traders abide by when betting on this market is to only trade during the hours when the both markets are open. For those financial spread bettors in the UK, that is between 1.30pm and 4.30pm

It is between these times that most of the trading takes place and there are usually some excellent opportunities to go long or short and make a very good profit due to the extreme liquidity

One more tip is not to be greedy. Before you place a trade, know exactly what kind of profit you will be happy with, and when you reach that point either close the trade or at least make sure that your stop loss is moving right behind it. The Euro/USD pair does move very quickly and it is easy to be sitting on a profit one minute and then the next minute, wonder what the hell went wrong!


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