Execution: cTrader versus MT4

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Video Transcription:

Hello traders, welcome to the cTrader tutorial, and the first module, Introduction to cTrader.

In this lesson, we are going to look at both the cTrader and the MT4 execution, and we are going to focus on the speed of both executions. So we are going to start by looking at the MT4 execution speed. And right now we are looking at the Euro/U.S. Dollar 15 minute chart, and we are going to send a buy order for three lots on this currency pair.

executionctradervsmt4 1

Now, I want you to focus on how fast this position gets filled. I’m going to click the buy button now. See, there was a three to four second lag between the click of the button and the field of the position. Now, since we on the Euro/U.S. Dollar, which is a very liquid market, this execution speed might not be a problem, but if you were trading a very liquid and volatile market, you can get some slippage on your position, due to this execution lag.

executionctradervsmt4 2

Now, we are going to go to the cTrader platform, and we are going to look at the same currency pair, and we are going to send the same buy order through the ECN platform, okay? I’m going to click the buy button now. And the order was almost automatically filled through the ECN. So you can see that in terms of execution speed, the cTrader platform is far superior than the MT4 platform.

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