$5,000 Financial Scholarship for Students

As the world’s biggest trading educator, we believe that nurturing ground-breaking economic research represents a sound investment we can make in the future of our sector. If you are a postgraduate (MSc and PhD) embarking upon research relevant to the finance sector, you are eligible to apply for a $5,000 Investoo.scholarship.

This grant is designed to support research with evident merit to the finance industry (meaning applicants from relevant fields such as finance economics or statistics are favoured). Applicants can be in the midst of study or about to begin, but they must already have been accepted to enrol at a university or college.


How to apply

  • Please choose one of the following questions to submit with your application

If you wish to apply, please respond to ONE of the questions below within 2,000 words (answer attached as a word document). Please provide all sources in the form of footnotes and bibliography (any citation style, as long as you are consistent). These are not included in your word count:

A: Discuss the application of behavioural models in finance economics. What are the advantages/disadvantages of these models? Please cite relevant studies.

B: What, in your estimation, has been the overall impact of import competition shock from the Chinese economy on the Indian manufacturing sector?

C: “There is no such thing as neoliberalism.” (Barnett 2005: 9). Discuss.

  • Provide the following
  • Proof of current or upcoming enrolment (e.g. a scan of your acceptance letter by your university of choice.) To be eligible, you must have already had your thesis approved by your university of choice.
  • For PhD candidates, please provide a supporting statement from both your primary and secondary supervisors.
  • The names and contact details for your first and second supervisors.
  • Indication of any other source(s) of funding.


  • Complete the application form at the bottom of the page

You can submit additional supporting documents if you wish (e.g. evidence of relevant academic or vocational experience, a trading portfolio, further references etc.)

Selection process

Upon verification of the requested documents, your application will be considered by Investoo financial experts, along with two academic advisers. Successful applicants will be selected on the basis of the academic ability demonstrated through their submitted essay, the merit and relevance of their research project and the applicability/potential impact of their work.

Investoo will notify successful applicants by [date]


Cory Mitchell

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Orlando Guiterrez

Professional Prop Trader & Coach

Nicholas Kitonyi

Stock Market Analyst & Author

Christopher Lewis

Professional Forex Trader & Coach



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