Finding the Best Spread Betting Offers

Spread betting is a fast growing market. Many of the top spread betting companies have successfully appealed to new customers by offering cash incentives also know as bonuses or cash-back.

When you first start choosing a spread betting broker, there are a number of factors that you should take into account.  Every trader is slightly different, and there will obviously be different thing that will appeal to you.  For example, a beginner spread bettor would presumably be better off trading on an online platform that offers educational webinars and training courses.  ETX Capital, for example, offers advanced trading courses worth £500 to new customers.  This includes eight hours worth of live seminars, webinars and trading strategies.

Hard core, serial traders betting more than £10 per point on the other hand will want more VIP treatment, advanced online trading tools and the best live streaming charts.  WorldSpreads even offers a special “Zero Spreads” promotion for Platinum Account holders (minimum deposit of £5,000).  This allows you to trade on a broad range of markets such as the UK 100, DAX, GILT, EUR/USD and a few more with zero spread charge.  This means you don’t have to pay any fees or charges when you trade on these markets – saving the average Platinum Account holder at more than £6,000 per year. This is way better than spread-back and is obviously much more worthwhile then a small £100 opening trade bonus.


About the Different Types of Spread Betting Offers Online

There are a number of great spread betting offers for new customers to sign up to in the UK.  The great thing about most spread betting bonuses is that tehy not only provide you with an incentive for signing up a real account, but can also reduce the initial risks of trading or put you in profit.

The types of offers you can find online vary. Deposit bonuses are the most common type of incentive.  These will match your initial deposit up to a certain value.  At Capital Spread and Tradefair for example they offer a £100 sign-up bonus for all customers that open an account and place 5 opening non-equity trades.  Your account will then be credited up to the value of your deposit.

Another popular type of incentive is the no-loss or cash-back bonus. Spread betting platforms help you minimise the risks of trading at the beginning of your career by promising to reimburse any losses up to a certain value.  ETX Capital for example offers a £250 “Peace of Mind” bonus which refunds any losses up to the value of £250 in your first 10 days of opening an account.  If you end up with a negative cash balance of £250 or less than all of this will be refunded. also offers a £300 cash-back bonus if your account is in a loss after the first eight weeks of trading.

In conclusion, whichever offer you choose online make sure that it isn’t the only reason for trading on that particular platform.  Different spread betting sites offer different perks and promotions.  Capital Spreads offers reliability and excellent customer support, City Index offers the best mobile trading apps and platforms, and WorldSpreads offers zero spread promotions to their biggest customers.  All of these different things can improve your experiences trading online depending on your priorities, trading strategy and your initial bankroll.


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