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75/ 100
Regulated: Regulated by CySEC
Min Deposit: $5
Min Trade Amount: 0.01 Lot
US Clients:
Bonus: No Bonuses Available
Leverage: 100:1
Free Demo Account:
Trading Platform: MT4, SharkFX (ECN)
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About FxClub

Forex Club and/or FxClub ( are the forex brand names of Indication Investments Limited. This company is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, CySEC, with license number 164/12. Indication Investments Ltd Offices is located in Limassol, Cyprus and commenced business in 1997.


Special Offers and Bonuses

FxClub offers an affiliate rebate program for those traders who can bring in new traders into the FxClub platform. You can earn up to $300 CPA per referred user who makes deposit and trades at Forex Club. The affiliate payouts are structured in $30 increments, which you get as your client reaches the minimum trading requirement barriers, up to a maximum of $300 per client. You can also make an extra 10% from the earnings of other affiliate managers.

Furthermore, there are monthly promotions and bonus specials that are extended to top performing partners.


Types of Trading Accounts

There is no differentiation in the types of real money accounts that traders can open on FxClub. Traders get to use one live account, with the same features irrespective of account size. The minimum and maximum lot sizes, as well as the leverage available on FxClub are shown in the table of spreads below.


Trading Platform Features

FxClub offers two types of trading platforms for its clients:

a)    MetaTrader 4: The MT4 platform is the major platform offered on FxClub.

b)    SharkFX: This is the proprietary trading platform on FxClub. It is designed for individual and institutional traders who trade large volumes and have account deposits in excess of $500,000. This is the ECN-style trading platform offered by FxClub.


Commissions and Spreads

The spreads available for trading on FxClub are shown below. This chart also shows the trade sizes as well as leverage for each currency pair. Spreads are typical variable, especially on the ECN platform known as SharkFX.

Pair Contract Size Min size Maximum Leverage Min price fluctuation Typical Spread
(1 lot) (pips)
AUDCAD 100.000 AUD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 3.8
AUDCHF 100.000 AUD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 4.7
AUDJPY 100.000 AUD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 3.6
AUDUSD 100.000 AUD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 2.3
CADCHF 100.000 CAD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 4.6
CADJPY 100.000 CAD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 3.8
CHFJPY 100.000 CHF 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 4.2
EURAUD 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 4.8
EURCAD 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 5.2
EURCHF 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 3.5
EURGBP 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 2.5
EURJPY 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 2.3
EURUSD 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 1.9
GBPCAD 100.000 GBP 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 5.3
GBPCHF 100.000 EUR 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 5.4
GBPJPY 100.000 GBP 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 4.2
GBPUSD 100.000 GBP 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 2.7
NZDUSD 100.000 NZD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 4.3
NZDJPY 100.000 GBP 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 2.7
USDCAD 100.000 USD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 2.1
USDCHF 100.000 GBP 0,01 lot 1:100 0,00001 2.7
USDJPY 100.000 USD 0,01 lot 1:100 0,001 1.8


Charting Packages

In addition to the charts that come in-built with the various platforms, there are live charts which are web-based, displayed on the charting page on the FxClub website. These charts feature facilities for line tools, time period adjustments and charting for 13 currency pairs.

Furthermore, the Autochartist tool can be used on the MT4 platform. This tool comes in the form of a downloadable plug-in which fits into the MT4 platform as a custom indicator. The web-based version is also accessible to live account holders. This will require login to the Autochartist website using your live account details.


Education and Demo Accounts

There are a number of educational tools that traders can access on FxClub. These include periodic webinars and offline seminars, as well as a complete educational expose on chart patterns. These chart patterns are as obtained from the Autochartist tool, and are explained in a manner that traders can understand.

Traders also get access to a free and unlimited demo account worth $5,000 on all platforms.


Customer Service

FxClub Customer Support can be contacted through the following means:

Physical address:

13–15 Gregori Afxentiou, Office 103,

Mesa Yeitonia, Limassol 4003,



Phone: +357 22 025 100

E-mail:  [email protected]

The customer service desk is available 24/5. There is also an online chat platform for instant communication with the customer service desk.

Deposit and Withdrawals

Traders on FxClub can perform account deposits and withdrawals with:

a)    Credit/debit Cards: Only VISA. VISA Electron and MasterCard brands are accepted on the FxClub platform.

b)    Bank  wire transfers.


Deposit Limits

The minimum deposit amount allowed on FxClub for new accounts is based on the transfer method used for deposits. For the purpose of deposits, the minimum deposit amount is $5 for both bank transfers and credit/debit cards. The maximum deposit amount for bank cards is $15,000. Bank wires do not carry maximum deposit limits.

Withdrawal Limits

There are no maximum withdrawal limits on FxClub. The minimum withdrawal limits are the same as the deposit limits for each method of transaction. The beneficiary name on withdrawal requests must match the account names on the ID documents. Card withdrawals will also require extra verification of card ownership status.

Withdrawals can only be performed using bank wires. Fees are charged per wire transfer.



One thing that FxClub has done is to provide a solid educational platform that can enable traders to hit the ground running. By introducing a full lesson on chart patterns, traders are better positioned to understand how the Autochartist tool works.