Forex Navigator Review – Managed Account Service

About the Forex Navigation Managed Account:


The firm behind this managed account service instructs that Forex trading offers a lucrative investment opportunity providing you possess the necessary skills, knowledge and tools. As it has now achieved this desirable status after nearly six years of exhaustive research, Forex Navigator has recently commenced offering its services to general public.

To become a subscriber with this broker, you need to complete the following simple steps:

–      Activate an account with one of the recommended brokers

–      Open a 30 day FREE account with Forex Navigator

–      View and confirm your equity growing during the trial period.

The managed accounts offered by this firm are totally automated so that you will not be involved in the process at all. In contrast, a Forex consultant will be allocated to monitor and control your account on a continuous basis. This individual will identify new quality trading opportunities using well-proven strategies and tools. Trades will then be automatically opened, tracked and closed without any intervention by you.

As such, you are not required to sit in front of your PC around the clock attempting to evaluate the currency markets. In addition, there is no software to install and you do not need wait for signals to arrive and interpret. In fact, you can work or party all day as the Forex Navigator will trade your account proficiently and professionally around the clock throughout the entire trading week.

This firm adopts and implements a conservative trading approach with the specific intent of generating steady profits over an extensive period of time. Consequently, you will not witness wild fluctuations in your account balance. In contrast, the primary objective is to attain annual returns matching those of globally renowned hedge and investment companies. The strategies utilize rigorously comply with strict stipulations ensuring consistent returns, low risk exposure and adherence to well-proven money management concepts. Consequently, you can always be confident that your equity will constantly be well protected from the ravages of margin calls and excessive drawdowns

The company possesses many years of historic records demonstrating real money profits that can be readily validated by third part auditors. As this firm appreciates the importance of the quality of such records in the selection of a Forex managed account service, it opened its accounts for public scrutiny during the middle of 2012. In addition, a new Forex broker was selected at the start of 2013 which was more compliant with the firm’s overall strategic objectives. A further batch of new test results has also been accumulated since that time which is again available for inspection.

Another attractive benefit of Forex Navigation is that its developers are so confident in its ability to trade the currency markets proficiently that they offer and fully support a 30 day FREE trial period. Consequently, you can observe and verify your equity growing during that trial time by incurring no costs whatsoever.

The process of becoming a subscriber could not be simpler as it does not involve being subjected to wild promotional claims. In addition, you do not have to expend time installing and configuring any software products. In contrast, a Forex consultant will be allocated to your account immediately after you have enrolled and will immediately commence trading the currency markets using proven strategies and techniques. You are only required to invest a minimum of $1,000 to activate this process.


Performance Tests

The developers of the Forex Navigation appear to be so confident in the prowess of their service that they are willing to support attractive features, such as a free 30 day trial period. The leading question is can this product deliver real money profits on a consistent basis? An investigation was instigated in order to address this query and the test results are presented in the following diagram.



Key Parameters

The next step in this analysis was to deploy a methodology capable of evaluating the ability of this service to generate consistent and worthwhile profits. This goal was achieved by deducing the following parameters using the average values listed above.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 72%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 1.66

3.       Expectancy Value = $26.44

These values indicate that the Forex Navigator is capable of generating a return of $26.44 for each $1 risked over an extended time frame.


User Comments

An internet search exposed no useful remarks which could help endorse the Forex Navigator or otherwise.



A monthly performance commission is charge based on 40% of new profits. You will not incur any costs unless the forex Navigator generates profits for you in the preceding month.



The experiments undertaken successfully demonstrated that the Forex Navigator certainly deserves additional attention. This is because the expectancy value is definitely impressive as it implies that you can collect a profit of $26.44 for every single $1 you are prepared to place at risk.

However, you should still adopt a cautious stance until you obtain solid proof verifying the performance of this service. An easy way to achieve this goal would be to utilize our recommended course of action.

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