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Forex Signals – Review of Expert Advisors, Forex Robots and and Managed Accounts

This page introduces the intriguing world of Forex software products and services. The main objectives are to provide you with the following important resources:

–      Identify the key advantages and pitfalls of these tools and services

–      Provide a comparison table containing the key performance parameters of each reviewed product and service so that you can readily undertake valuable comparisons

–      Present succinct definitions of important terminology, such as the expectancy value

–      Recommend a course of action that you should implement after reviewing all the services and products of interest.

Full List of Forex Software Products Reviewed on Our Site:

You can find detailed information and results about each of the the Forex software products listed below.  This includes stats about their win-to-loss ratio, reward-to-risk ratio and their expectancy value over time.

         Expert Advisors

Signal Services


Managed Accounts


  1. What are Forex Robots, Signal Services and Managed Accounts?

A Forex robot is a dedicated software tool that can automatically trade the currency markets for you without any intervention whatsoever on your part. The most popular robots have been coded specifically so that they can function within the well-known Metatrader 4 trading platform. These tools can then be operated as expert advisers which can perform a variety of actions automatically, such as identifying new trading opportunities, executing and exiting positions, placing stop-losses and safeguarding your trading capital from excessive levels of risk, etc. In fact, any manual trading operation that you perform can be incorporated into a Forex robot.

A Forex signal is a recommendation to activate a new trading position based on a selected currency pair. Each tip is supplied with all the details necessary to instigate it accurately and easily, such as a specific time and price. Signals are created by either a specialized Forex robot or by a professional analyst. The most popular methods utilized to transmit this data from supplier to client are SMS, internet, email and social media, etc.

A Forex managed account is one that is traded and managed by a professional investment manager. Such a company can only trade your account on your behalf but does not possess the ability to withdraw any of your funds. Only you can do that. In addition, as you will still be able to gain continuous access to your account, you will be able to monitor its status with precision. In other words, you will enjoy full transparency concerning all the operational activities undertaken by your allocated account manager. Your primary benefit of subscribing to such a service is that you will have a team of Forex professionals trading your account for you so that you will not be involved in the process whatsoever. As such, there is no need for you to expend copious amounts of your valuable time attempting to master the intricacies of Forex trading.

  1. Benefits and Pitfalls

Nearly all advertising campaigns proclaim the success of their particular Forex automated product or service by promoting features such as substantial profits, fool-proof programming and the ability to make money in any Forex market without involving any human intervention. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these statements are just pure hype at best and outright scams at worst.

Forex software tools are very effective at reducing the tension behind trading because they are able to remove human emotion from all their operational activities. In additional, Forex robot and signals can operate around the clock without any tiredness and fatigue unlike human beings. Each product is structured on proven and well-tested forex trading strategies combined with money management concepts with the specific intent of assisting its buyers attain maximum profit at minimum risk.

Despite all these positive features, how do you determine if a product is any good and what features do you specifically look for? Essentially, you need confirmation that the tool really does produce profits consistently. The standard method deployed by most sellers to achieve this objective is to use back-tested results.

However, this technique is prone to distortion because historical data can be easily manipulated. As such, you should always be wary if you discover that you have to adjust the configuration settings of your new Forex software tool in order to achieve optimum results. If you are required to do this, then you will simply be trying to constantly fine-tune the device or service to match the ever-changing Forex environment.

You need to appreciate quickly that the Forex automated market is the  scammers’ paradise. You may have already been bombarded by the intense marketing campaigns of one or more of these products and services.  However, you must appreciate the reality of the situation in that many Forex software tools only achieve profits for very short time-periods. for instance, the following operational results have been recorded:

–      Software tools recording profits for periods up to 3 months – 70%

–      Devices generating income for their developers only – 5%

–      Products creating profits so small that they were eliminated by broker slippage – 10%.

–      Devices not recording any profits whatsoever – 5%.

–      Robots and services optimized to specific forex brokers’ platforms – 10%.


  1. Comparison Table

We have created a series of reviews covering the most popular Forex robots and signal services currently available on the market at present. They have been specifically designed to enable you to quickly assess their real trading performances as well as comparing one against another.  For instance, a table is now presented providing you with an instant overview.


4.   What is the Expectancy Value?

This vital parameter informs you about just how much profit you can expect to gain for every dollar you risk over the long haul. In particular, any Forex software robot or signal service must clearly demonstrate a positive expectancy value otherwise you will risk losing money over the long-term if you proceed to trade that tool using a live account.  An expectancy value can be determined by utilizing the following equation:

Expectancy Value = (%Wins times Avg_Win) – (%Losses times Avg_Loss)


% Wins = percentage of positions that produce winning results

% Losses = percentage of positions that generate losses

Avg_Win = average size of a win

Avg_Loss = average size of a loss



%Wins = 57%; Avg_Win = $54; %Losses = 43%; Avg_Loss = $62

Using the above figure:

Expectancy = (57%*$54) – (43%*$62) = $($30.78- $26.66) = $4.12

Consequently, you can anticipate gaining a profit of $4.12 for every dollar risked over the long haul by using this broker’s Forex software product.


5.   Recommended Course of Action

After reading a review of a Forex software robot or service, if you are still interested in it then you should always adopt a restrained approach by performing a sequence of actions, such as the following. First, validate the values of the performance parameters displayed in its review by visiting respected Forex review websites, such as,, and, etc.

You should then attempt to obtain a free trial version of the product or service and test it using a forex demo account with the intent of validating and replicating the performance parameters presented in its review. Depending on your findings, you could then advance onto trading a real version of the automated tool using a demo account before going live. You should also investigate other Forex software products and services by comparing their performance parameters to those of the current one under scrutiny.

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