Advanced Forex Strategies Course

Advanced Forex Strategies Course

Learn Advanced Forex Trading Strategies Based on Price Action!

download (1)Welcome to our Advanced Forex Strategies Course. In this course, you’ll learn a number of advanced trading strategies that you can use on the Forex markets.

Many of these strategies are based on price action and include step-by-step guides on how and where to enter your trades. The lessons include details information on where to set your stop-loss, entry and exit levels.

What will you learn?

  • 24 Forex strategies designed to help you as a trader
  • Where to set you entry, exit and stop-loss levels
  • Step-by-step lessons with live trade set-ups and examples
  • Forex strategies based on price action, indicators and major economic news

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CourseYour ProgressYour Overall Grade
Advanced Forex Strategies 0% n/a
Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1 Introduction to the Advanced Forex Strategies Course 5:28 Free  
Unit 2 Setting yourself up for Success 9:03 Pro  
Module 2 Trend Trading
Unit 1 Trading with the Trend Strategy 13:15 Pro  
Unit 2 Mini Channel Breakout Forex Strategy 13:07 Pro  
Unit 3 Engulfing Candlestick Trend Entry Strategy 15:36 Pro  
Unit 4 Staggered Entry and Exit Strategy 15:42 Pro  
Unit 5 Trend Channel Pocket Strategy 23:28 Pro  
Unit 6 Trendline Break Forex Strategy 19:18 Pro  
Unit 7 Wedge Breakout Forex Strategy 12:41 Pro  
Module 3 Chart Pattern Strategies
Unit 1 Head and Shoulders Candlestick Strategy Pro  
Unit 2 Triangle Chart Pattern Forex Strategy 13:25 Pro  
Unit 3 Flags and Pennant Forex Strategy 18:23 Pro  
Unit 4 Cup and Handle Chart Pattern Strategy 19:32 Pro  
Unit 5 Support and Resistance Trading Strategy 23:27 Pro  
Unit 6 False Breakout Strategy 23:22 Pro  
Unit 7 Buying on New Highs Strategy 22:27 Pro  
Unit 8 Snapback Forex Trading Strategy 21:43 Pro  
Unit 9 Forex Strategy Enhancer: Velocity and Magnitute 18:13 Pro  
Unit 10 Advanced Parabolic SAR Strategy 20:11 Pro  
Unit 11 The Patience Breakout Strategy 16:52 Pro  
Unit 12 Anticipating Chart Pattern Breakouts Pro  
Unit 13 Front-Running Consolidation Breakout Forex Strategy 18:15 Pro  
Unit 14 Trading Major News Releases 16:41 Pro  
Unit 15 Advanced CCI Forex Trading Strategy 19:05 Pro  
Unit 16 Forex Scalping Strategy 15:58 Pro  
Unit 17 ABC Advanced Forex Strategy 28:03 Pro  

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