Forex Striker EA Review

About the Forex Striker EA

forex strikerThe developers of this expert advisor claim that it is the first product of its type to achieve the prestigious status of being patented by the US Patent and trademark Office. Documented evidence is provided on the company website located at They proceed to promote other impressive features about their product such that it has recorded a win-to-loss ratio of slightly over 88% for all the positions traded since 2006.

Who exactly developed this tool and what are their relevant qualifications? A team of eight professional designers created the ForexStriker utilizing skills that some of them acquired producing other major well-known Forex robots, such as the GPS Forex Robot, Forex Megadroid and the EA FAP Turbo. Whether this experience is really impressive or not is somewhat debatable as the performance of some of these expert advisors is nothing to write home about.

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The eight individuals, comprising the ForexStriker design team, originated from various business backgrounds such as Telemetrics, D.N. A. Research, Multi Thread processing, Artificial Intelligence and Aeronautics. Consequently, they merged their skills together in order to devise the ground-breaking software design of the ForexStriker. The team members are also citizens of diverse European countries.

The latest version of the ForexStriker was recently launched amid a fanfare of promotion claiming it was the greatest device ever to hit the Forex automated market. However, precise details of the key features of this tool are hard to identify as its associated website consists of one long drawling sales letter. The tool is supported, however, by a 60 day guarantee.

So, how does the real trading performance of the ForexStriker compare to all these assertive promotional claims? Is this tool over-hyped? The subsequent test results and ensuing analysis are provided with the specific intent of producing objective answers to these key questions.

Performance Tests

The results from a sequence of tests, that have recently been performed, are now detailed in the following table. In addition, the average values are displayed in the rightmost column


Test 1

Test 2

Test 3


Total Trades





Short Positions (won)





Long Positions (won)





Profit Trades





Loss trades





Largest Profit





Largest Loss





Average Profit





Average Loss





Maximum Consecutive Wins





Maximum Consecutive Losses





Average Consecutive Wins





Average Consecutive Loss






Key Parameters

You now require a procedure to assist you in appraising whether the ForexStriker is a worthwhile purchase. For instance, will it make you money?  You can achieve this objective by determining its win-to-loss ratio, reward-to-risk ratio and expectancy value. These key performance parameters are now calculated for this expert advisor using the average values listed in the above table.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 72%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.5

3.       Expectancy Value = $0.48

Consequently, you can anticipate gaining a profit of $0.48 for every dollar risked over the long haul by using the ForexStriker Expert Advisor.

User Comments

A thorough internet investigation did not disclose any adverse comments or reviews about the ForexStriker. However, some concerns have been expressed about the validity of the patent certificate displayed on the firm’s website. This is because the document presented appears to be just an application for a patent and not a true certificate demonstrating that a patent has distinctly been granted.


Although this Forex software product generated comparatively encouraging performance parameters, there are a number of disturbing features about the results produced. For instance, the reward-to-risk (R/R) ratio records a value that is below unity, which is never a good sign. This is because this weak figure offsets the benefits of the impressive win-to-loss (W/L) ratio of 72%. Although this Forex software product generated comparatively encouraging performance parameters, there are a number of disturbing features about the results produced.

As such, the critical performance parameter, expectancy value (EV), is adversely impacted by the dismal R/R so that its value is just an insipid $0.48. As the test results utilized in the review took many months to compile, the poor EV does not provide enough tolerance to suggest that the ForexStriker could consistently generate streams of profits over similar time periods in the future. The main concern is that this expert advisor may not be able to counter a sequence of adverse trading conditions. However, if the ForexStriker still captures your attention, then you should consider implementing our recommended course of actions as your next step.

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