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Type of Broker: Funds Management Company
Min Deposit: 5000
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Trading Platform: Mt4
Types of assets: All Assets
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The Forex market or currency market is one of three ways largest financial markets in the world. According to an estimate more than $4 trillion worth daily trade is taking place within the market. Commercial banks, investment firms, central banks, hedge funds and commercial companies are major players of the forex market. These players manage and promote forex trading. The major players also allow and support small participants to buy, speculate, sell, and exchange on currencies. Investors have different ways of investing in the forex market but they have to face various risks while trading in the forex market. Therefore, they have to select safest way to invest and trade in the market.

Advantages of using managed forex trading accounts

According to experienced forex investors, managed forex trading account is the best investment option for new and experienced forex investors. Since, it offers numerous benefits to the investors .

Following are most important benefits offered by managed forex trading accounts.

Flexible Profit-Making

Fund mangers have complete information about the forex market and they know how to handle risky and unpredictable issues related to it. Moreover, they know how to convert losses into profit even during bearish trends.

Passive Investment

Forex investors take the services of managed forex trading account service providers as they don’t feel comfortable while trading in the volatile forex market. Moreover, it is desirable for investors to assign their trading activities to some skilled professional. Since, these kinds of professionals have all resources to handle all kinds of risky situations of forex market. These professionals use effective trading systems which help them to predict future prices and devise future course of action. Then, they just have to sit back and relax while all trading activities are carried out by fund managers employed by the selected managed forex trading account company.

Controlling authority

Some investors believe that managed forex trading account company don’t allow investors to have full control over their investment accounts. However this is not true as managed forex trading account provider provides full control to the investors as they can withdraw or deposit money anytime they want. Moreover, investors also have complete power and control to close their accounts and withdraw their funds if they suspect anything unusual.


Reliable managed forex trading account companies like Forex92 provide high leverage to their customers. Risk lover investors are always ready to accept highly leveraged accounts as they want to earn high rate of returns on their investments.

Is Forex92 a legitimate managed forex trading accounts company?

Forex92 is a legitimate managed forex trading account service provider based in Cyprus. The Forex92 team is headed by skilled and experienced professional named Usman Ahmed. Usman Ahmed spent his life in mastering the art of Forex investment and trading. He has transformed Forex92 into one of the most successful forex companies in the world. Therefore, now people really trust the reputation of the Usman Ahmed and Forex 92. Quality customer service support and good profit returns are two most important features of its services. Moreover, its management regularly updates the trading performance on its official website. In addition, Customers can easily carry out verification of the past trading performance of the company through checking the verified performance link given on the official website of Forex92.

Forex 92 account services

It is very easy to open a managed forex trading account with the Forex92 as investor just has to follow steps set by the Forex92 management.

First investor has to open the company’s official website by typing in the search bar of your internet browser

Then he/she has to select “Managed forex trading accounts” tab which is the second tab available at the top middle of the webpage

Then he/she has to sign up” to access the registration form and enter his/her details and click submit. Now, wait for a confirmation email which is due to be received after successful verification of your credentials.

Then he/she has to click the link provided in the email to select the broker of your choice and fund your account with $1000 at least.

At the end investor has to sign the written contract with the company and share his/her MT4 login details.

Quality customer services offered by Forex92

Forex92 is well renowned managed forex trading account company which offers quality multilingual customer support to its customers round the clock. The company also facilitates its customers on weekends. Customers can easily contact the company through various means of communication such as email, live chat, and telephone. Customers can directly contact with the customer support service through +357-25123308. Customers can also communicate through the medium of email by using the official email of [email protected] They can share their queries with customer support department. In addition, clients can also contact through live chat anytime as it is accessible 24 hours a day at the company’s official homepage.

Forex 92 – Trading strategy

The trading strategy of the Forex92 is based on technical and fundamental analysis tools and techniques. However, Forex92 mostly depends upon technical analysis to devise trading strategies for its customers. Price action strategy and volume Spread analysis are two most important technical analysis tools frequently used by the team Forex92.

Price Action Strategy

Price action strategy is a very effective tool used by Forex92 to predict the future currency price movements. This future price movement is quite often analyzed with respect to historical currency prices . The main aim of the price action strategy is to read the market and make trading decisions based on the actual price movements.

The main focus of this trading strategy is to base trading decisions on the price movements of the particular currency pair. Price analyst must not give any weight to the fundamentals as this is against the principles of the price action strategy. The price action strategy states that increasing price of the currency means that people are aggressively buying the currency and this trend will continue in the near future.The team Forex92 uses various historical price charts to implement the price action strategy. Candlestick chart is most frequently used by Forex92 team to identify appropriate entry and exit points for its customers as this also helps in controlling the risk and increase the potential profit.

Volume spread analysis

Volume spread analysis is often used by Forex92 team to develop its trading strategies. Volume spread analysis helps Forex92 to understand the real role of the volume to affect the currency pair prices. The trading team of the Forex92 knows that volume is very important as demand and supply plays an important role to move the market .Therefore, volume spread analysis proved to be a very influential tool in identifying the influence of demand and supply in affecting the currency prices. Since, it allows identifying imbalances among buyers and sellers by analyzing prices and volumes.

VSA aids investors to understand the nature of actions taken by major players and then they can take benefit from their actions. When a small investor buys or sells a pair, he/she certainly will not influence the price. On the other side, if a big player like a big bank can really affect the bank as it trades in huge volumes. Therefore, Forex92 trading team always makes an effort to read different trading decisions taken by these big market players through using VSA principles.


Forex market is an attractive and profitable place to earn money. However, investor must have to select a very reliable and reputable forex broker company as scams have become very common these days. Therefore, it is suggested to use managed forex trading accounts as they are very safe way to reap gains in this risky world of forex .Managed forex trading account service is very useful as it offers various benefits to investors. Managed forex trading account services can be very beneficial for investors who don’t have time and experience to carry out trading activities. In addition to that, it is also very beneficial for traders who don’t have emotional control and they feel difficulty in taking decisions in difficult times. Managed forex trading accounts are very beneficial but investors must take utmost care while selecting a managed forex trading account service provider. Since, investors must have to secure themselves from scammers. Therefore, investors must make sure that it is better to go to a company which is regulated by well reputed regulatory authorities such as ASIC, CySEC, and FCA etc. Regulation is very important as it makes them bound to abide by the rules and regulations created for the protection of the customer and the managed forex trading account company. Forex92 is one of those companies which are always recommended by forex experts .It is registered by most reliable regulatory authorities. Moreover, it offers very active and reliable customer support services to its prestigious customers. Additionally, it keeps on sharing its trading performance with its customers which is a great proof of its legitimacy.