FX Amplified Review (Expert Advisor)

About the FX Amplified Expert Advisor


The team that provides this signal service consists of a relatively small but assorted collection of international Forex analysts and expert traders.

This group is responsible for overseeing investor funds as well as operating its own operational capital and investments in a variety of global markets. The total sum currently handled by this firm is reputed to be in excess of $20 million. The managing director, who supervises the entire Forex operation, is a well-regarded professional and financial advisor in the futures and stock market involving both American and European securities. In his early career, he became a leading player in one of the largest investment companies in the world and was responsible for transactional volumes exceeding millions of US shares.

This team focuses mainly on the currency market these days because of its very high liquidity and quality entry opportunities. As such, they aim to place numerous trades on a daily basis as opposed to just a target of 5 to 10 when they were also trading other asset classes.


Program Strategy

The primary strategy that they deploy is based on a multi-temporal analysis methodology. Signals are generated in their final form by utilizing a combination of custom indicators, market research tools and trend and volume definition techniques. Proprietary and innovative fractal-based strategies are also included in this process. A key component of the strategy is its money management module which has been structured to capture maximum profits while suffering minimum and well-controlled drawdowns. This latter feature enables users to speculate on Forex with confidence knowing that their account balances will always be well protected.

The strategy is categorized as ‘intra-day’ and executes no more than 2 to 5 trades concurrently. The average profit and losses recorded both tend to extend from 15 to 100 pips. This service is very simple to implement involving low levels of stress.


Program Methodology

New positions are always executed by being subjected to restricted risk exposure. This objective is achieved by utilizing carefully selected profit-targets and stop-losses. Trailing stop-losses are sometimes deployed in order to maximize gains by locking-in profits. In particular, stop-losses are not fixed but are variable as they are normally calculated using the prevalent investor sentiment and other key factors at the time of implementation.

However, every position initiated is also supported by a hard stop-loss which is always carefully supervised. Most positions are able to hit their profit targets in a relatively short time because of their construction. If a trade does break-out of its designated zone of operation by creating a potential drawdown, the strategy is capable of limiting the size of potential losses by closing the position at the optimum moment. This methodology has recorded consistent levels of success over an extensive time period during diverse market trading conditions.


Risk Management

The signals generated by the FX-Amplified strategy specifically focus on the most liquid currency pairs, such as the EUR/USD, in order to provide an extra layer of protection for user equity. However, other pairs will be selected if lucrative opportunities present themselves. These features have been incorporated into the strategy in order to suppress risk exposure resulting from high levels of volatility and price spikes.

Positions are selected with the optimum chances of success by identifying the preferred directional movements of the price of selected currency pairs. This objective is proficiently achieved by deploying a series of custom-designed technical indicators supported by a range of other important tools and methodologies. These techniques have been proven to generate a very good reward-to-risk ratio. Without doubt, the risk and money management policies are central components to this strategy by ensuring that drawdowns are suppressed and well-controlled. The team acknowledges the fact that losses simply cannot be totally prevented. Nevertheless, techniques have been devised and installed to help reduce the size and number of drawdowns, such as hedging, etc.

The strategy will attempt to minimize risk exposure even further by advancing stop-losses to break-even as early as possible. In addition, extensive usage of trailing stop-losses is implemented in order to lock-in profits. By using such techniques, positions can often be traded with a ‘risk-free’ status although they still have sufficient growing room to expand and record maximum profits.

Performance Tests

The credentials of the team providing this service are unquestionably impressive together with the many innovative features that they have designed. The pertinent question now is whether all their efforts have truly created a system with the ability to produce consistent profits from Forex trading.

As such, a series of experiments were conducted in order to validate the live performance of the FX Amplified. The test results collected are presented in the following table.



Key Parameters

In order to evaluate the effectiveness of the FX Amplified, a proven methodology was selected and implemented. Basically, the following key parameters were derived using the average values listed in the table above.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 75%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.40

3.       Expectancy Value = $16.25

An impressive expectancy value was recorded indicating that you will receive a profit of $16.25 for every $1 you risk over the long haul.


User Comments

An internet search discovered numerous user remarks discussing the quality of this signal service. Surprisingly, many of them were complaints which appears strange considering the notable parameter figures displayed above.



The monthly fee is $99 and the six monthly is $495. A two week free trial period is on offer.



Although this signal service boasts impressive performance parameters, only mixed user comments could be found by undertaking an internet search. This outcome was quite surprising considering that the FX Amplified exhibits an impressive expectancy value of $16.25.

Consequently, you are advised to adopt caution by evaluating this product more deeply before purchasing. You can adopt such an approach by activating our preferred list of actions which will also enable you to check out other Forex software products. 

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