FX Viper Review – Performance Test Results

About FX Viper


LiveForexTrading is a company that specializes in supplying high quality Forex signals to traders around the globe. This service is delivered straight to users’ accounts using a trade copier expert advisor (EA) as well as being posted directly inside a free members’ trading room.

In addition, this firm has recruited a number of renowned Forex professional consultants who can literally trade your account for you using its supported technology. Consequently, you can watch your equity grow by having an expert monitor, track and trade the currency markets on your behalf. You practically do not have to do anything as this process is totally automatic.

As one of the favorite gurus providing this service for LiveForexTrading is called the FX Viper, this product is named after this individual. This particular Forex consultant has been trading the currency, options and stock markets for well over 30 years. He is presently responsible for investing over $10 million of client assets.

He creates high quality signals possessing optimum profit potential by using a well-proven strategy based on identifying breakouts, reversals and retractions. Specifically, he aims to detect new entry opportunities by utilizing key resistance and support levels. He deploys both fundamental and technical analysis to produce steady growth involving minimal drawdowns. This consultant specifically focuses on the following currency pairs, which are GBP/USD, EUR/USD and the AUD/USD.

The strategy deployed by the FX Viper sometimes entails implementing an additional trade at a major support or resistance level should price advance against the original position by registering a potential drawdown status. However, the maximum number of trades that can be active at any one time is restricted to 3 ensuring that the maximum loss size is always limited to just 10% of the total available account balance.

Although this figure of 10% does still appear to be high, you need to appreciate that the average risk exposure will normally be well below 5% of your total equity. In addition, as this consultant never utilizes any of the concepts of Martingale or grid strategies, you can be assured that your balance will always be well protected from margin calls and excessive drawdowns.

Can the strategies utilized by the FX Viper be accurately copied to your account using the supplied expert advisor? Yes, is the answer! This is because as this product utilizes the longer-time frames to create the signals, any slippage and latency problems are substantially suppressed.

In addition, many FX Viper subscribers achieve better results than those generated by the system’s own master account. This is because they have enrolled with brokers offering tighter spreads than the one employed by the company. You can exploit this valuable feature in an identical way as well.

The FX Viper consultant has not offered in the past nor does he presently supplies his substantial Forex skills and experience to any other similar companies. Although there are other consultants, who called themselves ‘Viper’, they are not the same individual.

You could also inquiry why such a successful and wealthy trader, as the FX Viper, feels the need to support this firm’s signal services. Basically, there is only minimum additional work involved for him to transmit his entry opportunities by utilizing the supplied trade copier expert advisor. In addition, he is an integral member of the LiveForexTrading team who is committed to helping it expand its business.


About LiveForexTrading

The primary objective of this company is to help people trade the currency markets successfully. The founder created this company during May 2012 which is registered in Hong Kong under the name of ‘Think Huge Limited’ and currently employs staff in Australia, UK and Ireland.

The firm now possesses a team that is well versed in the intricacies of Forex trading and can demonstrate real money profits over extensive periods of time. One of the first objectives of this firm was to establish a badly-needed members’ room that traders worldwide could use to discuss all aspects of the currency markets and subsequently learn from each other.

Everyone is welcome to join this trading room which they can do so by incurring no cost whatsoever. This company generates its income by charging an optional monthly subscription fee for the use of its trade copier expert advisor. If you agree with this commercial arrangement, then you can immediately benefit from the signals provided by the firm’s expert consultants, such as the FX Viper.

Besides possessing a team of very skilled Forex traders, the company is also supported by its own IT and technological consultants whose primary mission is to ensure that the websites and products produced by LiveForexTrading are of the highest quality possible. For example, the present mission of this firm is to create the most diverse and reliable trade copier expert advisor in the world. The latest version is currently being offered as a white label solution to many Forex vendors.

The firm claims that it now has over 10,000 registered members and that many of them subscribe to its signal services based on the strategies of consultants, such as the FX Viper. In addition, LiveForexTrading is striving to enhance its Forex expertise base by recruiting consultants that have successfully invested clients’ money in the currency markets.


Performance Tests

The qualifications of this particular consultant, FX Viper, do appear to be very impressive on paper. In addition, he seems to be well supported by a company possessing the skills and facilities to develop successful Forex signal services.

However, how does this product fare when subjected to the ravages of real live trading. An investigation was instigated with the primary mission of producing a objective answers to these pertinent query. The test results are depicted in the subsequent table.



Key Parameters

The average values stored in the rightmost column of the above table were now utilized to compute the following key performance parameters. This exercise was undertaken in order to provide a simple way to evaluate the performance of the FX Viper.

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 85%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.15

3.       Expectancy Value = -$1.65

These disappointing results advise that the FX Viper will cost you $1.65 for each $1 you invest in trading the currency markets.


User Comments

An internet search disclosed a quantity of user remarks which varied equally between complaints and compliments.



The present monthly subscription fee for the FX Viper is $99. A two week free trial is on offer.



The performance parameters generated by this signal service are quite disturbing. Basically, you stand to lose $1.65 for every $1 of your own money placed at risk over any specified period of time.

Consequently, you may be well advised to inspect other Forex software products boasting superior expectancy values. You can achieve this goal by implementing our simple series of actions steps.

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