Gekko Markets Review

1. About Gekko Markets

Gekko Global Markets Ltd. is a comparatively new broker that specializes in providing spread betting services and facilities. The company was launched in 2008 and has succeeded in establishing a brand-name throughout Europe although it is still considered to be one of the smaller players in this market sector.

This firm, which is classified as a Market Maker, is registered in the United Kingdom and is fully regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA). This important status implies that the deposit of each client is guaranteed up to a maximum of £85,000. This feature is a very reassuring in an industry that has been plagued with scams and broker malpractices.

Another important benefit provided by Gekko is that it supports guaranteed stop-losses free of charge in strict contrast to similar services promoted by its rivals, which incur some fee or other.  The spreads on offer can also be considered to be very competitive especially when the free guaranteed stop-loss facility is taken into account.

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 2.   Trading Market

Gekko supports an extensive range of tradable assets within diverse markets, such as commodities, indices and shares. You are also entitled to activate spread bets throughout the entire trading week, 24 hours per day. One particular feature of note is that Gekko is one of the few spread betting brokers that will allow you to speculate on Exchange Traded Funds (ETF).

3.   Trading Platforms

Gekko has adopted the strategy of developing its own proprietary trading platform as opposed to selecting a white label solution. The tool on offer was constructed to provide optimum fast operation combined with an extensive and powerful charting facility. The platform did suffer from a number of early glitches but these appear to have now been fully resolved.

Recently, Gekko launched a brand-new trading platform, titled ‘TradeHub’, which is claimed to provide a significant improvement in functionality and trading options compared to the original product. For instance, you can definitely utilize the following exciting features to substantially enhance your spread betting trading environment if you decided to register with Gekko and commence utilizing the TradeHub trading platform:

•        Intuitive, simple to learn and implement functionality

•        Selection of margin levels up to 100%

•        Trade using stake per point or a notional value

•        Very low trading costs

•        Provides a constant stream of high quality research

•        Spread bet with TradeHub using your mobile phone.

An attractive feature of the new trading platform is that registered clients are now able to define the size of their spread bets by choosing a notional figure. For example, you can now invest a sum of £1,000 or £2,500, for example, by selecting a Sterling pound per point number. You will also have access to a variable margin option that can enable you to spread bet using no leverage whatsoever, if desired.

The trading platform is presented in three languages, which are French, English and Italian. An excellent customer service is provided around the clock which you can contact by either phone or email.

4.   Bonuses and Benefits

Gekko is presently offering no incentive bonuses to attract newbies.

5.   Educational Facilities

You will find that Gekko provides an extensive on-line library of training videos on all aspects of spread betting. A free downloadable 50 page user manual is also available which demonstrates how to activate an account with Gekko and operate its trading platform.

6.   Strengths & Weaknesses

6.1.      Strengths

One of the biggest pluses of Gekko, which definitely separates it from the crowd, is the provision of guaranteed stop-losses at no cost for the majority of underlying assets that it supports. In contrast, most other competitors, which offer such a service, do so by charging an extra insurance premium by increasing the size of their spread quotes. However, if you register with Gekko then you will be able to enjoy this additional protection, at no extra cost whatsoever, up to a specified stake limit.

You can activate this feature on the TradeHub platform by entering data into an information box, titled the ‘i-Box’. This facility is available for nearly all of the tradable assets that you can select in order to construct your spread bets. You will need to define the pertinent data, such as the minimum and maximum spread bet sizes; the automatic stop-loss level and the key features of your guaranteed stop-loss. In fact, just the mere act of compiling all this information before activating your spread bets will increase the quality of your trades.

Another unique benefit supported by Gekko is that it offers fractional spread bets. This innovative feature enables you to implement spread bets using values smaller than £1 per point. You may discover that this facility will be very useful if you plan to open a position based on a firm boosting a very high share value.

Gekko also allows you to personally select the level of margin that you would prefer to implement when activating your spread bets. For instance, if you opt to totally fund your trades yourself by selecting zero leverage then you can eliminate all fees except those associated with the quoted spread.

This broker also provides free demo accounts that will allow you to perfect your skills at spread betting without risking any of your own trading capital. By using such a facility, you can also experiment and perfect your ability to operate the TradeHub platform proficiently.

6.2.      Weaknesses

An odd feature about this broker evolves about its selection of its company name. In reality, Gekko is the Latin work for genius. However, many traders associate this name with the film character ‘Gordon Gekko’ in the famous ‘Wall Street’ production. This correlation does not bode well as this fictitious person was investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission in the film and is renowned for his say: ‘Greed is good; Greed works’.

As such, the company has attracted a certain level of uneasiness or even distrust. For example, as Gekko is still a newcomer and a relatively small spread betting broker, many analysts are concerned about its ability to stay the course. In particular, they are expressing concerns that if industry leaders are reporting a trend of slower growth, then how are the smaller spread betting brokers, such as Gekko, really coping under such adverse conditions.

A definitive weak point of Gekko is that you are required to deposit a minimum amount of £500 in order to open a trading account. In addition, this broker does not accept clients from the USA. Another disadvantage is that you will not be provided with your own personal account manager who can instruct and train you about the various key aspects of spread betting.

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 7.   Conclusion

Gekko has established a reputation for providing a reasonable level of spread betting services although it is still classified as a smaller provider. Consequently, if you do want to trade using this broker, then you are advised to deposit limited amounts of your trading capital as opposed to a sizeable sum until you have acquired real trust and confidence in its operations.


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