How to Activate an Expert Advisor on MT4

Implement the following simple procedure in order to ensure that your Forex software product functions properly on your MT4 trading platform.

Step 1:


Step 2:



Step 3: Inputs

If you clicked the ‘Inputs’ button as instructed in the last step, you will now be able to select the advised time frame for your Forex Robot. You can do this by clicking in the value field of the ‘Timeframe’ input. Note that the 1 hour is the default value.


For example, if you would like to alter the timeframe from its default value of 60 minutes to 30 minutes then click on ‘Timeframe’ and change the appropriate field as shown in the next diagram.


Once you have completed all your alterations, click on the ‘OK’ button at the bottom to start trading.


Key Parameters

You may be able to optimize a number of different key parameters depending on the Forex Expert Advisor that you have purchased. With this particular example, this variable allows you to trade using charts with different time-frames. Envisage that you can choose from the following two permissible values

30  –        30 minute trading chart

60  –        1 Hour trading chart

You now need to realize that, under such circumstances, if you enter a number other than the two shown above then you will receive an audible warning asking you to reselect.


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