How to Add an Indicator

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Video Transcription:

Hello traders. Welcome to the C-trader tutorial and the second module charting. In this lesson I’m going to teach you how to add an indicator to your C-trader platform. Well actually to your charts on the C-trader platform. So we are going to go back to the DVP with D1 or Daily Chart and to pop out the list of indicators available on the platform, you have to go to the upper icons on the chart and hover your mouse over the “F” icon. As you can see we have a list of all the indicators available in the platform. Well we have the trending indicators, the oscillators, the volatility indicators, volume indicators, and others.

addingindicatorsctrader 1

Now I am going to start by pointing out these camcorder icons to the right side of these indicators. We have one on the accumulative stream index, one on the directional movements in the system, one on the parabolic SAR, and one on the simple moving average. What those icons mean is that these indicators have a video that will show you what they are and what they do and how you can trade with them. So we are going to go ahead and click on the directional movement system icon and as you can see a window pops out and we are just going to wait for the video to load.

addingindicatorsctrader 2

And just like that, you can learn how to use an indicator and how to trade and profit from it. Now we’re going to go ahead and add an oscillator to our charts. First off…No, we are going to start by adding a simple moving average. You go to the “F” icon, then you go to trend or trending indicators and you click on simple moving average. Then the add indicator window will pop out, and you will see that you have the simple moving average right here. With a 40 period we are going to change that to a 50 period simple moving average and of course you can change the style of the line, the width of the line, and the color of the line of the indicator. As you can see the 50 period simple average is plotted to your chart.

addingindicatorsctrader 3
Now the same goes with the oscillators. You have the instructional videos for some, and this is all the lists of oscillators that are available in the cTrader platform. As you can see we have two kinds of MACD. We have the MACD Crossover, and the MACD Histogram.

addingindicatorsctrader 4

We also have some very cool indicators such as the tricks and we have some other indicators that you might not have seen before like the Linear Regression, R Squared, and the Linear Regression Slope. If you don’t know what these indicators are, and what they do and what they show you, just go to the instructional videos and you can start trying to trade with them. We have added here the histogram…Oh no, the MACD Crossover with a histogram and you can go ahead and make it smaller on your charts and of course, if you want to change the appearance of the indicator you can. Basically this is how you are going to be adding indicators. Now you can look for and search the indicator by typing here on this box.

addingindicatorsctrader 5

So let’s start with stochastic, right? So we type in “stochastic” and you can see that the stochastic oscillator and all other stochastic related indicators show on the list. So we are going to go ahead and add the indicator to the list. To the chart, I’m sorry. This is basically how you are going to add indicators to your charts.

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