How to Change the Platform Appearance

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Video Transcription:

Hello, Traders! Welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the second module charting. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to change the platform appearance for you to be able to have more than one chart on your screen. And I’m also going to show you how to re-size those charts for an optimal use of your work space.

Now, the first thing we want to do is, we want to make the left side bar as small as we can, because it really takes too much space. And even though it gives you very important information, you don’t need to have a half of your work space loaded with a Watchlist, or your cBots or the market depth.

changingplatformappearancectrader 1

Now, as you can see here, we have one, two, three, four, five, six charts. And right now, we are on a single chart mode.

If you go to the right side bar, you can see that we have clicked the single chart mode. We can also choose the multi-chart mode, which will enable a tiled chart layout or work space. But the thing about this is that you cannot modify the size of the charts and how you want to position them on your work space.

So we are going to choose the free chart mode. There you go! And as you can see, we no longer have a tiled chart on a work space but we can have one big chart on the top right, and a smaller chart on the bottom and etc. The cool thing is that you can modify the size of the charts and the location of each chart.

changingplatformappearancectrader 2

Now, I’m going to show you first of all, how to change the size of the chart. Let’s say that you want to make this chart, the bigger chart, the one that’s positioned to the bottom right of your platform, you want to make it shorter, you just go ahead and hover your mouse in the middle of both charts, click it, and then just move it like this, to make these two charts the same size.

If you want to do the same thing with these two charts, let’s say that you want to have one chart that is bigger than the other, just hover your mouse in the middle of both charts and then you can go ahead and modify the size of it.

Now you have one very small chart, you have one medium-sized chart and two big charts. This is very useful for traders that use different time frames to trade. For example, you can have the 1-minute chart here, or the thick chart here, then the 3-minute chart, the 50-minute chart, etc.

Now you can do the same with these two charts right here. And you can even do the same with the middle axes of your work space.

Now, let’s go back to the work space that we just created. Let’s say that you want to move your chart around, that’s easy too. Let’s say that you want to put one chart here, in the middle of these two charts. And you want to put the US Dollars-Swiss Franc in the middle of the US Dollar-Japanese Yen and the Euro-US Dollar, you just click on the chart, you just drag it and drop it where you want it to be. And as you can see right here, we do have a US Dollar-Swiss Franc chart in the middle of these two charts.

changingplatformappearancectrader 3

Now, like I was doing just before, I wanted to re-size the US Dollar-Swiss Franc chart because I have one big chart on the Euro-US Dollar, and then these two charts, well they are not very useful to us. So we are going to hover the mouse in the middle of the Euro-US Dollar and US Dollar-Swiss Franc chart and I’m going to just make the US Dollar-Swiss Franc a little bigger than the Euro-US Dollar because I also want to make bigger the US Dollar-Japanese Yen. And by doing so, I have three medium-sized charts on the bottom.

changingplatformappearancectrader 4

Now, let’s say that I want to add a chart that I don’t have already opened. I go to the Forex, Spot Forex and let’s say that I want to add the GPB-USD chart. I click on GPB-USD, then I go to the GPB-USD command center, and I right-click on the mouse, then click on New Chart. And as you can see, the new GPB-USD chart will appear on my layout. Of course, it will appear somewhere random and I have to move it around. And to do so, you just click on it, drag and drop it. And now you can control how your work space looks on your platform.

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