How to Create a New Template

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Video Transcription:

Hello traders, welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the second module, Charting.

In this lesson we are going to teach you how to create a new template for your charts. So we are going to go back again to the cTrader platform, and as you can see right here, this is the default black template of the cTrader with a black background and green and white candles. Now to change the template of the charts and the appearance of the chart is quite easy with the cTrader platform. You have to go to this icon right here that has a bucket of paint falling out. And the first thing we are going to do is we are going to choose the background, and we are going to change it to white. Then the foreground, we are going to leave it right there with the grey color, and then we are going to use a lighter grey for the grid.

creatingnewtemplate 1

If you like to see the grid, just choose a lighter grey or no grid at all by choosing white. We are going to leave the grid for this demonstration, and then we are going to move forward. Then the period separators, as you can see, we are in the four hour chart and the period separators are black…are those vertical black lines on the chart. I really don’t like them so we are going to delete them, or we are going to hide them by choosing the white color on the period separator. I like my bull candles blue, so I’m going to choose a blue outline for my bull candle and a red outline for my bear candle. Then I’m going to fill my bull candles blue, and I’m going to fill my red candles red. Now, this chart is looking very much like a chart I would like to trade off of.

creatingnewtemplate 2

Now, the tick volume, if you like to see the tick volume, just go ahead and…don’t change the color. But I really don’t like to see the tick volume on my chart, so we are going to just put on a white color. Actually I’m going to leave…go ahead and leave the tick volume for you guys there, because I know some of you like to trade with the tick volume in your charts. And then that’s how you work the colors on the template on your charts.

Once you have everything pointed out what you wanna do is save the template. And in order to save the template, you have to go to the second icon at the top of your chart and then click on Save Template. And we are going to name this template “a simple template” or “the simple template” and we are going to save it. Now, we are going to go to another chart.

creatingnewtemplate 4

Let’s go to the one minute spot, gold chart, and we are going to change the default black template to the template that we just created. And we just click on Simple, and as you can see now we have two charts with the simple template and the rest of the charts with the default black template. And, of course, you can go ahead and create as many templates as you want and just save them. It is easier for the eye to have different templates for different time frames.

If you are a multi time frame trader, you could use the simple template for the one minute chart, then create another template with, let’s say, a grey background for the 15 minute chart, use the black background for the one hour chart, etc. So the cool thing about the cTrader is that it allows you to quickly access your templates from your charts to be able to better visualize your time frames when you are working on the overall layout.

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