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Video Transcription:

Hello traders. Welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the second module, charting. In this lesson we are going to learn how to create new workspaces on the cTrader platform. So we’re going to go to cTrader platform and, as you can see, right now we are looking at just one chart. And if you go to the right side panel, you can see that we are on the single chart mode. This means that if we want to have open multiple charts, we can go back and forward on them by clicking on the tabs, like I’m doing right now. If we go again to the right side panel, you can see that we have a multi-chart mode and a three chart mode. If we click the Multi-Chart Mode, we are going to have our charts tiled on the workspace given by the cTrader platform. And if you go to the three chart mode, it’s going to be placed in a different order. And the cool thing about the three chart mode is that you can modify how big the charts are on the up side and on the right side. And you can have different sized charts all throughout the word spreads.

creratingnewworkspacesctrader 1

But what I want to teach you guys here is how to create a truly specific work space by detaching the charts. What you want to do is go ahead and click this icon at the top right of the chart that says Detach Chart. When you click on it, your chart will be detached from the cTrader platform and you can start building your own workspace. Now, we’re going to build a four chart word space right here with a command for buy and sell orders for quick trading. So we already have the Euro, US dollar chart right here and we are going to go ahead and just detach three work charts. We have detached the gold chart. We are going to detach the US dollar, Japanese Yen chart and then the New Zealand, US dollar chart.

creratingnewworkspacesctrader 2

So we have the Euro, US dollar chart right here. Then we have gold chart right here, which we are going to put just below the Euro, US dollar chart. Then we have the New Zealand dollar, US dollar chart that we are also going to resize to fit our screen and we are going to put right here. And finally, I think we have the US dollar, Japanese Yen chart. That’s right. We have it right here, which we are also going to resize. Now, this is the layout that we have chosen. And, of course, we are also going to grab the Euro, US dollar control center right here. And you can do it by clicking on it and then dragging it away. Now we have everything that we wanted on our workspace.

creratingnewworkspacesctrader 3

And remember that you can actually use and you can actually accommodate as many charts as you want on our work space. I’m just teaching you how to do it, and if you have multiple monitors, you can go ahead and do the same on your second and third monitor. Or when you have the charts laid out as you wanted, you just go to the platform and then go here and click on My Work Space. And then you click on Save Workspace. And let’s give this one a name. We’re going to give four charts one monitor. Of course you can give it any name you want. And right here you can see that the cTrader is actually saving the workspace.

creatingnewworkspacesctrader 4

Now, what we’re going to do right now is we are going to go ahead and close these charts. And when you close those charts, the charts won’t close, but they will go back to the main cTrader platform. And, as you can see, the charts have come back to the cTrader platform.

Okay, now what we’re going to do also is, we’re going to change workspaces, because I want to demonstrate, or I want to show you, how easy it is to go back to the workspace that we just saved. And to do so, we are going to click on My Workspace and then click on Four Charts One Monitor workspace. As you can see, the cTrader platform is loading the workspace. You just have to wait one minute for it to be loaded and, as you can see, the workspace has been loaded, as requested.

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