How To Download a New Indicator to cTrader Platform

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Video Transcription:

Hello traders and welcome to the cTrader tutorial and the second module trading. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to download a new indicator to your cTrader platform. Now we’re going to go back to the cTrader platform and as you can see, we still have the indicators that we added on the previous lesson. Now what I want to show you is, if we go back to the lists where we search for the stochastic the only oscillator…I am sorry the only indicator that is available right now on this platform to add to the chart is the stochastic oscillator.

downloadingnewindicatorstoctrader 1

If you read closely here, the results from the cTDN are the rest of these indicators and the thing about this is that if you click on them for example, we are going to click on this Stochastic Cyber Cycle, it will not add the indicator. It will prompt you to the webpage where you can get it. So let’s click on it and as you can see, we are prompted to the cTDN site where…well this site is where you are going to find all the indicators that are not currently available on your platform, but can be downloaded.

Right here you can see that we have the Stochastic Cyber Cycle. We have the description, a screenshot of it and of course we have the source code of the indicator. I will assume that none of you are coders so we are not going to be [inaudible 00:01:44] by these and we are just going to go ahead and click on “download”.

downloadingnewindicatorstoctrader 2
When we click on download, you can see that we have this window appear and it asks me if I want to open with FX proxy trader or if I want to save it. I want to open it with my cTrader platform so I’m going to click on “okay”. Then I’m going to have this other window popped out that is going to ask me if I want to install the indicators and I am going to click “yes”. So the indicator has been successfully installed.

downloadingnewindicatorstoctrader 3

Now I can go ahead and look for stochastic and I have my standard stochastic oscillator and my Stochastic Cyber Cycle on a custom list. If I click on it, I’m going to get the indicator window and if I click “okay” again, I’m going to get the indicator on my chart, as you can see right there and you can do that with all of the indicators that are on the results from cTDN list.

downloadingnewindicatorstoctrader 4
Now, let’s delete stochastic oscillator right here and I’m going to click on this button right here, “more indicators”. This button is going to go ahead and prompt me to the cTDN website where I’m going to be able to browse for custom indicators myself. So let’s click on it.

downloadingnewindicatorstoctrader 5

Okay, so right here you can see that we have a lot of indicators available. We have a precision side for balances percent risk, which is a very nice indicator and I truly advise you to get it if you’re trading on the cTrader platform and you have a lot of other ones and well, you can spend a lot of time here browsing through these indicators or just search it by name. But if you want to add an indicator to your platform from the list, just go ahead and download it like we did the past indicator. You click here on “okay” and I’m going to accept it to be installed in my platform. Now if you want to look for it, just hover your mouse over the F symbol right here. Go to custom and you can see that you have both the Precision Risk Indicator and the Stochastic Cyber Cycle Indicator.

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