How to Evaluate How Good Your Expert Advisor Is

Perhaps the optimum way to understand how to undertake this task is to consider an example. For instance, envisage that the main features of a new Forex expert advisor that you have just purchased are as follows:


Now imagine that that you operated your Forex expert advisor for some extended period by recording the table of results listed at the bottom of this article. You subsequently want to evaluate these results to determine just how effective your robot is and how much potential profit it can generate for you over the long haul. You can utilize the procedure defined in the next section to accomplish this task.


Evaluating The Performance of an Expert Advisor

The performance of an Expert Advisor can be determined by calculating its win to loss ratio and expectancy value using the TEST data listed at the bottom of this article. The expectancy value is the amount of profit that your software product should produce for every dollar risked over the long haul. You can confirm these two important parameters yourself by utilizing the following process.


Test Results



Automated Investing

EA’s assist with shorter-term trading. For longer-term investing, check out robo advisors, which automate portfolio management. They take your money and allocate it to funds using a sophisticated algorithm that uses preset criteria, as well as your investing goals, to make optimal investing decisions. Visit to find out more.

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