How To Install MT4 Scripts

If you want to activate scripts on your MetaTrader 4 trading charts, then utilize the following procedure:-

Step 1


Step 2


You will then see a list of scripts presented, as illustrated in the above diagram. In addition, you can scroll down for further choices. Once you have made a selection, double-click on its label. For this example, the ‘Price Alert’ script is selected.


Step 3


You will then see the parameter box of your chosen script appear. Once you have completed and checked your entries, click on the ‘OK’ button and your script will then be activated on your MT4 trading chart.

In the example above, the parameter box is displayed for the ‘Price Alert’ script. As you can confirm, entries have been made to produce an alert whenever price either climbs above 1.5245 or drops beneath 1.5220.


Step 4

You script will now appear on your MT4 trading platform. The chart below displays the ‘Price Alert’ script. The upper alert is represented by the thick blue line while the lower one is depicted by the broad red line.



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