How to Keep Your Trading Software Active 24 hours/day


Once you have downloaded the MetaTrader 4 trading platform onto your own PC and installed and activated your new Expert Advisor, one of your biggest challenges from then onwards will be to ensure that your automated trading facility is always active. This simple objective is more complex than it appears because it means that your EA must function continuously throughout the full Forex trading week from 5pm EST Sunday to 4pm EST Friday.

As such, you must realize that there are events outside your control that can prevent this objective from readily being achieved. For instance, internet disconnections could render your EA non-functional for quite some time without your knowledge. During these inactive periods, your EA could miss important entry and exit opportunities. Even worse, your account equity could be placed at increased risk when your EA is unable to control your trading.


Introducing Virtual Private Servers

A more robust environment is definitely required to host your MT4 trading platform in order to minimize such problems. Virtual Private Severs (VPS) appear to be an excellent solution because they allow you to house your MT4 platform and Expert Advisor within a third-party professional computing environment, which has been designed specifically to withstand disconnections of any sort, such as power failures and internet disruptions. In addition, a VPS will allow you to logon to your MT4 platform from any internet-connected computer, located anywhere, other than just your own.

However, research needs to be done into the quality of VPS performance in order to assess the numerous problems that other Forex traders have experienced using them. For example, if you type ‘disadvantages of VPS hosting’ into Goggle then you can study the types of snags that this hosting can generate e.g.

Computer glitches that are capable of turning a VPS off, without its owner’s knowledge, are bad in general. However, if they occur when you are Forex trading then they can be disastrous especially when using an Expert Advisor. Consequently, you are well advised to fully test any VPS of interest before using your expert advisor at full throttle within such an environment.

However, once you achieved this objective you will find that a good VPS will provide you with a professional environment which will free you from the constant worry of internet disconnections and similar problems. You can use the following link to assess many popular VPS facilities on the market today together with reviews and monthly costs:

Once you have received your login information from the VPS host of your choice, you can then simply activate your account, as detailed below. After accomplishing this task, you will then gain access to a new trading environment which is operating within a third-party professional computer facility which is completely independent of your PC.

In addition, if you have selected a windows-based virtual private server, then you will be presented with an identical introductory screen to the one displayed on your own PC. As such, you must then perform the key actions required to activate and start trading your new Forex Expert Advisor, as listed below.


How to Activate Your VPS

You need to have chosen a ‘windows- based’ VPS for the following procedure to work.

Step 1

After you have registered with a Forex VPS provider then you will receive an e-mail containing your new username, IP address and password.

Step 2

Locate the ‘Remote Connection Program’ on your PC. You must be operating ‘Windows’ in order to do so. You can find this facility by clicking on the ‘Start Menu’ and then on ‘Accessories’. A screen similar to the following will appear:


 Step 3

Now enter your IP address, username and click ‘connect’. You will then be asked to enter your password. Click ‘OK’ once you have performed this action.

Step 4

You should now gain access to your new VPS and an empty windows desktop screen should be presented. Next you must download a copy of your Forex broker’s MetaTrader 4 trading platform.

Step 5

Once achieved, you may then need to install your Forex Expert Advisor. Finally, you may also to need to perform the following tasks:

  1. Configure your Destination Folders
  2. Open a Demo Account
  3. Install Technical Indicators
  4. Install Scripts

Once you have accomplished all these tasks, you are now ready to operate your Forex Expert Advisor within an environment designed to resist serious problems, such as power outages and internet disconnections, etc. Happy trading!



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