How to use a Trailing Stop-Loss

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Hello, traders. Welcome to the NinjaTrader tutorial and the forth module, SuperDOM Interactive. In this lesson, I’m going to teach you how to use and how to develop a stop strategy for your ATM strategies. You are going to learn how to use an Auto Breakeven Stop Loss and a Trailing Stop Loss.

All right, so we are going to be using the same crude oil chart and the same crude oil SuperDom. And what we’re going to do, is we’re going to use the invest to 10-ticks. We’re going to actually create a new ATM strategy with 2 targets. We are going to use one contract for the first target, one contract for the second target. We are going to use a 5-star plus a 5-tick stop loss because the market is quite thin at the moment, and we are going to use 2 profit targets. One at 10 ticks and one at 15-ticks. This means that when we go either short or long, we don’t know yet, we are going to take profits. 10-ticks for the first contract and 15-ticks for the second contract. Remember that don’t mind these 2 colors, these 2 colors only represents the low of the day and the high of the day.

Custom Stop Loss Ninjatrader

Custom Sop

Now what we’re going to do is we are going to create a stop strategy. To create a stop strategy, you just go to the stop strategy drop-down menu and go to custom. You are going to get this nice stop strategy window, prompted out and the first thing I’m going to teach you is how to use the Auto Breakeven in ticks. This means that, well the profit trigger means that, whenever we hit 5 ticks, in this case, the stop losses are going to go to breakeven. You can set it to your first target, which will mean that when you hit your first target, 10 ticks, your stops will go to breakeven. For this example, we are going to use a 5-tick profit trigger for the Auto Breakeven ticks, in ticks, I’m sorry.

Now we are going to set the Auto Trail, also in ticks. We are going to set the Auto Trail parameters and we are going to set, first of all the profit trigger. This profit trigger we are going to set it to 7-ticks. We are going to set the stop loss to 4-ticks and the frequency to 1. This means that once we hit 7-ticks in profit, the Auto Trail will start working to 4-ticks back, and every single tick that we move in profits. Now, you can also, say the template, or say this stop strategy that we just created on their name, we are going to call it, Invest to Stop Loss 1. We save it and we click, OK.

Trailing Stop Ninjatrader

Now we have the strategy that we just created here on the drop-down menu. Remember that we need to choose the strategy on both of the targets because we are, where we get or where we buy this market, the stop loss orders will be two separate orders compile it into one. Now, because we have created a new ATM strategy, we are also going to save it. And when we save this ATM strategy, is going to be saving the ATM parameters or the ATM strategy parameters, and also a stop strategy parameters. So, we are going to call this, Invest to 2-targets. There you go. The strategy is in place and we are going to buy this market, and as you can see, well, I’m sorry, we solve this market but its fine. This is just an example and when price moves down 5-ticks, this stop loss will automatically move to breakeven. When we move 8-ticks, it will start trailing every single tick we move in profit. This is basically how you create a full ATM strategy with its own stop strategy.


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