How to Use MT4 Destination Folders

3Destin3211013To be able to operate the MetaTrader 4 trading platform well, you need to gain a good understanding about how to use its destination folders proficiently. These important tools are not as straightforward as they could be but after you have performed the process outlined in this article a couple of times, you will then possess the necessary skills to perform this activity assertively.

After you have achieved this objective, you will be able to confidently upload expert advisors, libraries, indicators and scripts directly into your MT4 trading platform. You need to understand that MT4 is a very well organized program that has a folder for each of its main categories of software, which are Expert Advisors, Indicators, Scripts and Libraries.

This means that you must place all your programs into their correct folders. For instance, if you have just purchases a new Forex robot then you will need to transfer its software file into the Expert Advisor folder of MetaTrader 4. In addition, you should be aware that MT4 handles only two types of files which are program files and executable files. Program files are written in the MQL4 programming language and have either an .mq4 or .mgh extension.

The executable files have the extension ‘.ex4’ and are produced by compiling their associated ‘.mq4’ files using the MetaEditor. You must have the .ex4 files located in their correct folders in order to operate your Expert Advisors, Indicators and Scripts using MT4. For instance, after buying a Forex robot, you should have been supplied with its ‘.ex4’ file so that you can start using it immediately. All you have to do is now copy this file into the Expert Advisor folder of MT4. The procedure needed to accomplish this task is now illustrated.


Step 1

For example, after you have purchased a Forex Robot, you must first find its executable file which has an .ex4 extension within your delivered products. Copy this file.



Step 2

Now just complete the following actions:



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