Hyper EA PRO Review

About Hyper EA Pro (Expert Advisor)


This expert advisor is based on a strategy that is centered on two primary technical indicators, which are the Moving Average and the Relative Strength Index.

Version 2.3 of the Hyper EA Pro is specifically designed to trade the EUR/CAD currency pair while version 2.4 focuses on the GBP/USD. This automated solution calculates its key parameters by using the 15 minutes time-frame.

Another important feature about this tool is that is trades only during the night-time (Eastern Standard Time). New positions are only activated if the strategy detects that the relevant currency pair is currently trading within a restricted horizontal or flat channel. Built-in filters have been incorporated into the design in order to significantly reduce the possibilities of losing trades. In particular, this robot deploys a fixed Stop-Loss for every active position with the primary intent of providing maximum protection for user’s equity.


The Benefits of the Hyper EA Pro

1. This product contains a well-tested and totally original money management strategy as its inventors acknowledged the importance of protecting captured gains as a top priority. Consequently, they have developed an innovative risk strategy which has now become the hallmark of the Hyper EA Pro. Basically, the account balance of a user is safeguarded by a multi-level protection module which will defend it against the impacts of losing trades, excessive drawdowns and margin calls.

2. The promoters of this expert advisor claim that it has produced two solid years of live results that clearly demonstrate that it is capable of generating real money profits over an extensive time-period. They boast that their product has constantly created a yearly profit of 40% because primarily it is equipped with a powerful set of filters that are very proficient at analyzing the prevalent market conditions accurately. Consequently, this robot is capable of performing well under any trading situations.

3. You can have instant access to all the live results ever produced by the Hyper EA Pro so that you can verify its performance directly yourself. You can even monitor the present performance of this product live by studying all the figures and results supplied via the producer’s myfacebook.com. The product’s designers place great emphasis on the importance of these results as opposed to just releasing copious amounts of text in promotional literature.

4. Once you have purchased the Hyper EA Pro, you will then have access to a top-class customer service which is manned by highly competent currency specialists and consultants. As such, you will find that all your questions about Forex and this product will be answered proficiently and rapidly.

5. This tool will operate with any Forex broker servicing fixed or variable spreads including 4-digit and 5-digit quotes.

6. The build-in money management strategy enables the Hyper EA Pro to exploit the benefits of compound interest. Essentially, the lot size of positions will be increased in unison with your growing account balance.

7. Another special risk control is the volatility parameter which prevents new trades being activated whenever levels of excessive volatility are present. This feature therefore provides an extra layer of protection for your equity especially when price action is erratic.

8. The Hyper EA Pro also incorporates a maximum spread filter which will stop new positions being implemented whenever the spreads offered by your broker become too excessive for the relevant currency pair.

9. The manufacturers of this device support a moneyback guarantee. This offer enables you to request a refund within 30 days after purchase if for any reason you are unhappy with the Hyper EA Pro. Under such circumstances, you must contact the company by email and preferable state your reason for dissatisfaction.


Performance Tests

The promotional material of the Hyper EA Pro certainly portrays a tool exhibiting some exciting and attractive features. However, how do they perform in reality and can this expert advisor really return worthwhile profits on a consistent basis?

A series of extensive tests have been undertaken with the specific intent of answering these primary questions. The results are displayed in the next table.


Key Parameters

So, how can the results presented above help determine if the Hyper EA PRO is a worthwhile investment? Basically, the average values list in the rightmost column will now be used to derive the key performance parameters of this product, as follows:

1.       Win-to-loss ratio = 70%

2.       Reward-to-Risk ratio = 0.67

3.       Expectancy Value = $1.00

These results surmise that the Hyper EA PRO has the potential to create a $1 profit for every $1 you place at risk using it to trade Forex.


User Comments

A couple of user comments were located by implementing an internet search which were relatively supportive of this product.



The cost for buying the Hyper EA Pro outright is just $99 which is certainly a competitive price in the automated solution markets these days.



Despite this tool being promoting in a very positive and professional manner, the resultant parameter values detailed above still leave room for concern. This is because an expectancy value of $1 does not provide the user with much tolerance in case of unexpected trading developments. Basically, any profits generated could quite easily be blown away by a succession of consecutive losses.

However, as a $1 profit is still interesting, you may conclude that a deeper investigation into the performance of this device is merited. You can proficiently perform such a task by following our recommend best way forward, which is both simple to understand and follow.

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